My $4 Brow Routine from Shop Miss A

It’s taken a long time to get my brows “just right,” which I feel like they finally are at this point. I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error when it comes to both brow grooming and filling them in with makeup. For beginners, the process can be daunting, and sometimes expensive!

I always recommend to at least get your brows done professionally once— after that, you can maintain the shape at home with inexpensive tools. I myself hardly ever go get them waxed unless I want to refresh the shape and need them to be evened out. Since they’re so prominent on your face, you don’t want to take too many big risks with your brows.

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But, I wanted to test out some brow tools from Shop Miss A— where almost everything is $1! I picked out some brow tools and a pencil that all cost a dollar, totaling just $4 for this entire routine.

Can we get neat brows for that cheap?? Watch the video above for the full test and review of each product.

1. AOA Precision Slant Tweezers

I am pretty loyal to my Tweezerman Slant Tweezers, but even I can admit that $23 for tweezers is a bit ridiculous… even if they DO work the best. The AOA Precision Slant Tweezers took me by surprise, as they were able to really grip the hair at the base and pluck without pain. I was even able to remove thinner hairs and short ones that were mostly sitting within the skin still. The AOA tweezers are slightly duller than my Tweezermans, but do an exceptional job for the price. Plus, I like the silicone coating which gives me a better hold of them.

2. AOA 2 Piece Eyebrow Razor Set

Why are eyebrow razors so damn expensive at the drugstore?? They’re a blade on a stick of plastic! I was so happy to find this 2-piece set with a standard brow razor, and a smaller precision razor with a comb cap to help groom the brows.

3. AOA Brow Comb Scissors

These were my favorite discovery of my latest Shop Miss A haul. I always struggle with trimming my brows evenly, but their length is what makes them look messy most days. These Brow Comb Scissors make it so much easier to give my brows a little trim without doing the guesswork! I wiggle the comb through the brow hairs, and snip away the excess. When my brows are trimmed, they look neater, more feathery and I don’t really need to use brow gel because the hairs are short enough that they stay in place.

4. AOA Sculpting Brow Pencil

I tried this brow pencil in my first Shop Miss A haul and review though this time I picked one that was a much better match in Ebony. It’s buildable and looks natural, especially when you brush the product through with the attached spoolie. As with any brow crayon, though, you lose a bit of the precision after the first run because the tip isn’t as sharp anymore.

See me test out  alt=

Overall, I absolutely love how my brows turned out! I am incredibly impressed with what I was able to achieve for less than $5: groomed, defined brows! I’m putting my stamp of approval on the AOA Cosmetics brow tools to help you create your own maintenance routine on a budget.

What tools do you use to groom your brows?


  1. I have learned to be VERY careful with the razor when grooming. I have shaved 1/2 my brow off and boy did it look really BAD! These products all seem to work very well. I have been wanting to try the scissors for a while and now that I know they work, I think I will order a pair. Thanks Miranda for another helpful video.

  2. Loved watching you do this on YouTube! You made it look so easy too. I can never see any difference with an eyelash curler . Obviously you did great a $1 one so can’t use cheap curler as an excuse.

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