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If You Like Glowy Makeup, You’ll LOVE the Morphe 2 Makeup Line

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September 2, 2020

Fresh faces of makeup typically have their moment in Spring and Summer, but this year the trend is definitely taking over more long-term with all the time spent at home recently. And so, the Morphe 2 makeup line, a collaboration between Morphe and Charli & Dixie D’Amelio (of TikTok fame) comes at a great time.

Morphe 2 Makeup Line Review and Swatches | Slashed Beauty

The Morphe 2 line centers around subtle touches of coverage and color, with a pop of sparkle. While lighter faces of makeup are a bit out of my comfort zone, I actually found myself really enjoying these products and the looks they create.

Keep reading for a closer look at each item in the collection, and watch the video above to see them in action during a 5-hour wear test.

Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint ($17)

Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint Swatches, Hint of Toast & Hint of Walnut | Morphe 2 Makeup Line Review | Slashed Beauty

This skin tint has light to medium coverage and provides a lightweight, dewey finish. I was actually surprised with how well it covered my hyperpigmentation and a couple of red acne spots, which you can see in the video. This tint made my skin look even, smooth, and bouncy… though the dewiness is definitely something I’m not used to. I would recommend this for those with dry and normal skin— if you have combo skin like me, you can make it work if you use a mattifying primer in your oily areas. The coverage fades slightly throughout the day, but evenly and without splotchiness. One issue that I had was that due to the finish, it never truly “dries down.” It stays ever so subtly tacky on the skin, and is not completely transfer-proof— so don’t expect it to last under a face mask. Overall, I thought my skin looked beautiful while wearing this tint, especially as I’ve been focusing on my skin care recently and my texture has been smoothing out.

Morphe 2 Wondertint Cheek & Lip Mousse ($12)

Morphe 2 Wondertint Cheek & Lip Mousse Swatches Amaze & Dream | Morphe 2 Makeup Line Review | Slashed Beauty

I absolutely love cream blushes, and this is a formula that I really enjoy. The Wondertints give you a buildable wash of color for both the face and lips that is incredibly easy to swipe on and blend out just with your fingers. These have a cream-to-powder finish that looks seamless on the skin. However, even though the finish is gorgeous of the face, I’m not a fan of how it looks on my lips (a bit filmy). Even a light application of this product actually lasts all day. The powder finish is smooth and demi-matte so it doesn’t flatten your look, but it won’t add more dewiness either.

Morphe 2 Jelly Eye Shimmer ($10)

Morphe 2 Jelly Eye Shimmer Swatches Bolt, Confetti, Bright Idea | Morphe 2 Makeup Line Review | Slashed Beauty

Easily my favorite product to come of this collection, despite them looking gimmicky at first glance. These eye shimmers have a jello-like consistency that helps you blend them easily over your lid. However, they completely dry down and set for all day, crease-proof wear. I was shocked at how vibrant and smooth they still looked at the end of the day, without primer, on my relatively oily lids. Each shade will give you a different vibe— Confetti, for example, is just a glitter, while Bright Idea is more of a shimmery pigment that I love swiping on the lid for a easy monochrome look.

Morphe 2 Gloss Pop Face & Eye Gloss ($12)

Morphe 2 Gloss Pop Face & Eye Gloss Review | Morphe 2 Makeup Line Review | Slashed Beauty

This is the one product that had me on the fence in this collection. It’s definitely supposed to cater to the “glass skin” trend, providing a super slick— almost wet— dewey look. It’s a clear gloss that you can swipe over your eyes or anywhere else you want to glow (like the cheekbones). However, the product’s description said that you can wear it either on bare skin or over makeup. I tested it both over the Jelly Eye Shimmers, as well as over the Skin Tint and Cheek Mousse, and this gloss broke down the makeup wherever I applied it. I’ll admit, it made my skin look super hydrated and plump, but it separated the makeup underneath to become splotchy and runny. So I think this is a product that I would moreso use over bare skin when I just want a bit of a glow boost, and definitely would only recommend for dry and normal skin. Like the Skin Tint, it stays tacky all day though smooth and not too heavy.

Morphe 2 Glassified Lip Oil ($9)

Morphe 2 Glassified Lip Oil Swatches Be Kind, Extra Glaze | Morphe 2 Makeup Line Review | Slashed Beauty

I have become a huge fan of lip oils recently, because my lips have been perpetually chapped recently. Lip oils tend to be slightly thinner than lip glosses and deliver really comfortable moisture. These lip oils are made with moringa, jojoba and coconut oil that wrap your lips in hydration with a very light wash of color. I mean VERY LIGHT. They’re almost completely sheer (at least the shades I have) though Be Kind does add a noticeable warmth to my natural lip shade. Just like a gloss, you can’t expect these to last too long or be transferproof, but they’re really pleasant to wear and give your lips a juicy shine.

Morphe 2 Makeup Look | Morphe 2 Makeup Line Review | Slashed Beauty

Here’s the look I created with these products, and while it’s definitely different for me, I actually really love the minimal yet bright and glowy apperance. It almost gives me vacation glow vibes, if that makes sense. I think this is a great collection moving into Fall and Winter when we all typically need a boost in hydration and glow, and I know my skin will also play nicer with some of these dewy products as it leans more dry in the colder months.

What do you think of the new Morphe 2 makeup? Are you into the dewy glow?

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