Makeup Organization Ideas using Household Items

I will be the first to admit that having a large and expanding makeup collection is fun, but finding a place to store it all can be exhausting. Products that are marketed specifically for makeup organization can be expensive… unless you want to order something from China and wait two months for it to arrive. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Makeup Organization Ideas using Household Items

Besides my large drawer carts (which I got for 75% off on Cyber Monday), I mostly use common household items for makeup organization. Hopefully, you already have some of these items around your home and can repurpose them to help organize and display your beauty products.

Makeup Organization Ideas using Household Items

1. Candles
I’ve gotten great use out of empty candle jars to store various things, but most of them go toward organizing my brush collection! I typically use the 4 oz Glade candles filled with decorative plant filler to help the brushes stand upright. When you’re at the very end of your candle, scoop out the remaining wax or pour it out while it’s melted. Turn the jar upside down and hold a match or lighter to the base of the wick to melt the glue holding it down. After about 10 seconds, you should be able to wiggle it off. Use some Goo Gone spray to wipe out the glue, and you’ve got yourself a functional brush holder!

Makeup Organization Ideas using Household Items

2. Jars
Jars come in all sorts of varieties, and are a visually appealing way to display various beauty and makeup items. I use a mason jar to keep most of my lip glosses together, and what used to be a candy jar to keep my cotton balls in. You can buy jars new from the 99 cent store, or just wait til you finish up some jam!

Makeup Organization Ideas using Household Items

3. Ice Trays
Ice trays are a great way to keep eyeshadows organized so that they’re not just sliding all over the place. You can use the normal trays for eyeshadow singles, or an ice stick tray– like the one I have– to organize small palettes (perfect for Wet n Wild trios). I got mine from the 99 cent store, but you can also find these inexpensively online and probably the drugstore.

Makeup Organization Ideas using Household Items

4. Dish Rack
I actually use dish racks to organize files, but they’re also great for displaying larger palettes! Ironically, you can also use a file organizer to store your palettes, but I find that dish racks are typically much more inexpensive (this wire one is from… you guessed it… the 99 cent store!)

Makeup Organization Ideas using Household Items

5. Cookie Trays
I just discovered this and it’s still blowing my mind how perfect it is. I bought a box of fat free cookies (these, to be exact) and they were stored in this pull-out plastic tray with individual wells for each cookie. Just for kicks, when we finished the box, I started sticking various makeup items in it to see if it could be useful and alas, it’s PERFECT for lipsticks! Since I keep my lipsticks in a drawer, they can’t be completely upright or the drawer won’t close. This keeps them leaning at an angle while they are stacked and neat, saving me time when I’m looking for a specific shade. Talk about reduce, reuse, recycle! Adam likes this idea best because it means I’ll be buying a lot more cookies in the future. 😛

Have you repurposed any household items to organize your beauty products? Tell me about it!



  1. Those are great ideas ! I recently got an alex drawer because I don’t fit and continue to store stuff in my old cabinet as well.

  2. It’s funny you posted this because I was just in the dollar store wondering what I could use for makeup storage. Now I can go back and grab some of these items you suggested and glean your ideas. 🙂

  3. Great ideas. Yes, I use utensil metal rack organizer to store my makeups, also glasses for brushes. I store everything in a big dresser

  4. The cookie tray idea is GENIUS. I already use candles/jars to store brushes, pencils and other items I need to store upright.

  5. This is awesome! I tend to gravitate towards the kitchen aisles of my local stores to see if they have some cool things… I just wish I had more space to get better organized. 🙂

  6. Very creative. As a makeup artist, I have SO many products that are in my makeup kit that I invested in a Glamour Box because every client and job is different. I also got some acrylic holders from Haute Look and drawers from Ikea for my own stuff

  7. You KNOW I love these awesome ideas, Miranda! 😉

    I have several short glass flower vases holding my makeup brushes, cotton balls, and q-tips on the bathroom counter, and a clear plastic office-drawer organizer from IKEA holding all of my makeup in a drawer – and another one holding all of my hair clips, headbands, and gels. I nabbed a plastic retail countertop display unit from my Dad’s warehouse to hold all of my jars, bottles, and boxes of beauty supplies inside a cabinet. Re-purposing everyday items as decor is what my blog is all about – it also works for organizing & storage!

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