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Makeup Obsession x Rady Dusk Shadow Palette

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October 30, 2019

During Fall, I definitely tend to gravitate toward the quintessential shades like warm browns, oranges, golds and bronzes. But, there’s something about the new Makeup Obsession x Rady Dusk palette that seems perfect for the season without being obvious. I’m in love with the sultry teal and purple, the khaki green and bright cranberries, not to mention the pure black.

Makeup Obsession is another sister brand of Revolution Beauty (known for their Makeup Revolution, Revolution Pro, and I Heart Revolution lines). While mostly available online for US shoppers, you can find a handful of their products at Target, now. This particular palette is a collaboration with a British YouTuber and is only available on the brand’s website currently.

The Makeup Obsession x Rady Dusk Palette contains 16 shadows that range from rosy neutrals to muted jewel tones. Even with the pops of color, this palette is extremely wearable and it’s not difficult to mix and match colors to create full looks. There’s a great balance between bold and subtle, as well as different finishes. You’ll find a mix of matte, shimmer and glitter shades that compliment each other wonderfully.

Something unique about this palette is that the pans are secured inside the palette by magnet, and can be popped out easily! This is handy if you want to pick out your favorites to place in a different magnetic palette, or rearrange them. Although, I’m keeping mine in the palette for now. One, the palette is labeled with the name of each shade so I don’t want to confuse myself. Two, the packaging itself is pretty sturdy and has a large mirror so I don’t feel that I need to move the shades out of it, especially since I can get multiple looks with what’s included already.

Let’s talk performance: these blew me away. I applied them for the first time in my recent YouTube video, and my floored reaction was genuine! The pigmentation across the board is great. The glitter shades can be packed on for a reflective appearance even when dry, but if you take the time to wet your brush you’ll get even more impact. The mattes are soft and incredibly blendable, and I couldn’t believe how well all the shades worked together without getting muddy. And as simple as it seems, a rich black is not easy to come by in drugstore palettes. This one doesn’t disappoint, and is opaque without needing to layer forever.

I do want to point out that the shade Rose Madder is considered a pressed pigment, and is not technically eye-safe according to US makeup laws. With that said, I’ve used it on my own eyes, which tend to be sensitive, and had no issues beyond the most subtle staining that faded within a couple hours.

As crazy as it sounds, this shadow formula actually reminds me of Too Faced eyeshadows— one of my favorite formulas ever. Not only are they stunning, but they’re easy to work with. I think they’re far and beyond my favorite product to come out of the Revolution Beauty family thus far. I think it’s an awesome affordable eyeshadow palette for fall that’s a bit more nontraditional in the shades for the season while still fitting in just fine among the trends.

You can find the Makeup Obsession x Rady Dusk Shadow Palette online for $15.

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