Fake It ‘Til You Make It with Kiss Glue On Nails

I briefly mentioned my appreciation for press-on nails last summer, but they are becoming a regular part of my routine recently. Both press-on and glue-on nails have been my saving grace during the craziness of the holidays and other events where I find myself completely lost for time while getting ready.

Can you believe these aren't my nails? Check out why I love Kiss Glue On Nails in this blog post.

The Kiss Glue On Nails have been my favorite for when I want my nails to look great and last more than a couple days. I’ve rocked them for two weddings, a birthday bar crawl, Christmas, New Years, and now a quick trip to Vegas that I’m leaving for tomorrow. Every time, I get endless compliments from people who mistake them for my own nail art talent, or salon acrylics.

These ones are from the Kiss Gel Fantasy collection, which actually gives you the option between glue or press-on application. Like I said, if I want the manicure to last longer, I’ll use glue which keeps them in place for up to a week, sometimes a little over.

I’ve literally applied these in the car on the way to an event (with Adam driving, of course). The package comes with everything you need— a nail wipe, file, the glue, adhesives and several sizes of each nail.

Can you believe these aren't my nails? Check out why I love Kiss Glue On Nails in this blog post.

I typically prefer the short size if I’m going to have them on for an extended period of time, since they are the most practical for someone who is hard on their hands with activities like typing, dishwashing, working out, etc. I couldn’t resist these medium ones in Fanciful for this weekend, though. They just scream “girl’s night out”, no?

Like I said, fake nails from the drugstore have come a very long way. They’re a quick solution to covering up my neglected nails when I’ve got somewhere to be, and fit comfortably so I don’t feel like I’ve got things glued on my fingers. I can always find them at CVS and Rite Aid, but you can also buy multipacks online.

Have you given fake nails a chance recently?


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  1. those are GORGEOUS!!!! I lived with the glue-on french manicure ones for literally an entire year and a half once. I love those things. They really have come a long way.

    1. The gel fantasy ones are even stronger than the normal kiss ones… it’s been over a week and they’re not even a little loose!!

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