KBShimmer License to Chill Nail Polish Collection Swatches

After doing a ton of traveling in January, getting sick, plus the cold and dry weather… my nails were toast. I hadn’t been keeping up with my nail strength routine and I was so bummed about how they looked. Especially because I had the KBShimmer License to Chill nail polish collection sitting on my desk just waiting to be worn. Luckily, my nails have grown out and I couldn’t wait a day longer to share with you these gorgeous nail shades.

KBShimmer License to Chill Nail Polish Collection Swatches & Review | Slashed Beauty

If you’re unfamiliar, KBShimmer is an indie nail brand that’s all about bold color and sparkle, and keeps their nail polishes cruelty-free, vegan, and 5-free for a guilt-free mani. They’re a favorite among many nail bloggers, and I’ve always admired their mesmerizing shifty shades. This is the first collection I actually got my hands on… or, got on my hands… and I wasn’t disappointed.

KBShimmer License to Chill Collection | Living The Hygge Life Nail Polish Shade | Slashed Beauty

One thing that I think KBShimmer does best in the biz is their duochromes that shift from one shade to another depending on the lighting and angle you look from. My pictures don’t do the multi-dimensional colors justice. These polishes really shine best and show their entire spectrum in sunlight. The swatches below show two coats of each shade applied, and photographed in front of a window on a semi-cloudy day.

KBShimmer License to Chill Nail Polish Collection Swatches & Review | Slashed Beauty

Row 1: License to Chill
Row 2: I’m sMitten / Under Pressure
Row 3: Everyday I’m Shovelin’ / Stay Toasty My Friends
Row 4: Living The Hygge Life / All Downhill From Here
Row 5: Under Cover / I Feel Pine (Magnetic)

Gosh, I love the range of this collection. There really is something for everyone, whether you like lighter neutrals or bold and daring colors. A few notes: while I didn’t have a magnet to test out the magnetic effect of I Feel Pine, I actually love the charcoal/purple shade on its own. You can see the magnetic affect the polish takes on in their Amazon listing photo– super cool! The only shade I’m not a huge fan of is License to Chill, which I may use as a topper instead of a standalone polish. I wasn’t a fan of the milky color, and it looked globby if I tried to build it up to opaque.

I think the biggest surprise of this collection was how much I loved Living The Hygge Life! It shifts between green and copper for a truly unique look, and I’m totally wearing it for St. Patrick’s Day! My other favorites are I’m sMitten, and Under Cover which is such a rich berry color.

Aside from the absolutely stunning shades, I am actually really impressed with the wear time of these polishes. I tested Under Pressure first, and with my normal top coat and base I was able to get a solid 6 days before chipping. Not bad at all!

You can find KBShimmer polishes on their website and on Amazon (shades linked above).

What nail polish shade are you wearing most lately?


  1. I have a few of these (row 3) and I adore them. After I wear a polish for a week I put them in one of two boxes: want to wear again or this can wait. KBShimmer always makes it into my Want To Wear Again box. They last so well on me and the colors are just gorgeous.

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