How to Wear White Eyeliner Looks for Spring

Have any of you beauty lovers been using the stay-at-home time to try out different beauty trends for the first time? One that I’ve been gravitating towards is white eyeliner looks for spring. It looks so clean, crisp and bold while still being a neutral.

NYX Epic Wear Liquid Liner in White | Best Drugstore White Liner | How to Wear White Eyeliner Looks for Spring | Slashed BeautySwatch of NYX Epic Wear Liquid Liner in White | Best Drugstore White Liquid Liner | How to Wear the White Eyeliner Trend for Spring | Slashed Beauty

The trick to wearing a statement white eyeliner look is finding the right liner to use. I’ve tried so many only to be disappointed, which is probably why it took so long for me to really incorporate white liner into my makeup routine. Finally, I came across the NYX Epic Wear Liquid Liner and it’s everything I’ve been looking for. It’s waterproof, smudge-proof and dries down to a gorgeous flat matte finish. Plus, it features a flexible brush similar to the brand’s Matte Liquid Liner that I use practically every day, though has a slightly thicker consistency. Most importantly, this white eyeliner is pigmented enough to stay clean and opaque over other makeup, so you don’t have to worry about it looking muddy.

Since it’s so long-wearing, it can be tricky to remove this at the end of the day. I was able to take it off with a Simple Cleansing Wipe, but I had to be a bit rough. Using a balmy product like the Derma E Universal Cleansing Balm would be my best suggestion. You can also use a bit of cleansing balm on a cotton swab to clean up any mistakes, since the liner sets so quickly.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear white eyeliner for spring.

4 Ways to Wear White Eyeliner | How to Wear White Eyeliner Looks for Spring | Slashed Beauty

WHITE EYELINER IDEA #1: Negative Space Wing

This takes a classic eyeliner look and gives it a twist. Instead of a run-of-the-mill winged liner, outline a wing and leave your lid space bare within the borders.

WHITE EYELINER IDEA #2: Black & White Layers

Start out with a standard winged liner look in black. Apply the white eyeliner on top of the black along the lash line, stopping at the upward curve. Next, add white under the black wing swoop.


Even a classic cat eye using white eyeliner makes a bright spring statement. This is such a clean look that’s easy to rock.

WHITE EYELINER IDEA #4: Graphic Crease

For something a little more avant-garde, this graphic eyeliner is simple yet elegant. Start with your wing, then bring the liner over your natural crease, stopping short of your inner corner.

Are you on board with white eyeliner looks?

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