How to Get Rid of Itchy & Flaky Scalp

I’ve mentioned on this blog how I struggle with itchy and flaky scalp. It’s the worst. I’ve had problem patches since I was a kid, and have tried what feels like everything under the sun to try and get rid of them. The good news is, depending on the severity of your own situation, there are several options you have to combat dandruff and itchiness!

how to get rid of itchy flaky scalp

Mild: Tea Tree Shampoo
Tea Tree Oil has many uses, one being eliminating dandruff. Tea Tree Shampoo, like this one from Parnevu, will reduce the itchiness of your scalp and can clear up mild to moderate flaking. By taking care of the itchiness first and foremost, it will in turn help with dandruff since you won’t be picking and scratching (dislodging dry skin while doing so). If you have mild, occasional flakes, this is a gentle alternative to medicated shampoos.

Moderate: Selsun Blue Medicated Shampoo
There are many over-the-counter medicated shampoos on the market that target dandruff. The only one that really made a difference for me, personally, was Selsun Blue. This has a very strong menthol smell that lingers, but it works wonders in cleansing your scalp. I suggest using a good deep conditioner after using Selsun Blue to get rid of the smell, and since the shampoo doesn’t do wonders for the rest of your hair.

Severe: Prescription Shampoo
This fall, my scalp needed something I couldn’t pick up in stores. I went to my doctor and got a prescription shampoo, containing Ketoconazole as the main ingredient. This took care of my scalp in a matter of two washes, 3 days apart. No flakes to be seen. No itchiness to be scratched. If I use this for a week, I can actually take a few weeks off and use other shampoos before I start to see flakes again, and they are much less noticeable when they do pop up.

For Everyone: Deep Conditioning
Both my doctor and hairstylist recommended weekly conditioning treatments to combat dry scalp and defeat dandruff. As you most likely know, I use the Novex Deep Hair Care Keratin Treatment. I rub a generous amount into my scalp, all the way down to the ends of my hair. This has definitely helped combat flakes as well as breathe life back into my hair after it has taken so much medicating.

Itchy and flaky scalp is terrible, especially this season when it seems to be made worse by the weather. I personally know how embarrassing it can be, and I hope these tips can help you if you struggle from it, too!



  1. Interesting picks, thanks for sharing! I love tea tree oil for spot treatment on my face and body, I wonder if it also would work well for my itchy winter scalp.

  2. My daughter suffers from Seborrheic Dermatitis on her scalp, extreme dry and flaky patches. The doctor prescribed the store brand version of Selson Blue and it cleared up almost immediately. The doc said it will be something that will basically come and go. I am hoping that as she gets older it improves.


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