How I Style My Sneakers: Reebok Classic Harmans

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I get called an anomaly by many women, because I’m not so crazy about having a bunch of different pairs of shoes. In fact, I got teased once in elementary school because I wore the same sneakers every day. But honestly… when you find a great pair of shoes that become your favorite… why not?

Check out my tips on how to style sneakers with everyday outfits. | Slashed Beauty

The truth is, I really like having a carefully curated collection of shoes. I prefer adding pairs to my wardrobe that are versatile, and can be worn with a ton of different looks. It makes busy days easier knowing that I’m ready for every situation life will throw at me. I definitely value comfort above all, but I know shoes can make or break and outfit and it can be hard to find the right harmony between comfy and cute. Especially when it comes to sneakers, I’ve found it hard in the past to style them so that I didn’t look like an off-duty soccer mom.

Recently, I was doing some online shopping post-Thanksgiving and wanted to cash in on some deals that Famous Footwear was having. Luckily enough, they had the shoes I was looking for in particular in stock— the Reebok Harman Sneaker in Rose Gold. I had been waiting for these babies to launch so snatched them right up with a $10 off $60+ coupon. I was stoked when they arrived just 3 days later because I was way too excited to wait extended holiday shipping times.

Check out my tips on how to style sneakers with everyday outfits. | Slashed Beauty

As soon as they showed up, I tore into the box, slipped these babies on, and it was decided: these are my new everything shoes. They are SO comfortable. They’re made with soft lining and cushioned Ortholite comfort footbed so I feel very little impact from walking. There’s also an EVA foam midsole for added support and the lace up with padded tongue helps the shoe close snugly to a perfect fit. The leather upper and metallic rose gold detailing adds some pizazz so that the sneaker can be dressed up or down. I’m not talking formal gala or anything, but they can definitely be worked into a more glam casual outfit.

Check out my tips on how to style sneakers with everyday outfits. | Slashed Beauty

Sometimes sneakers can be hard to style without looking clunky or taking your eyes away from the rest of the outfit. Here are my favorite tips on how to wear sneakers in style, whether you’re on your way to a lunch date, an amusement park, or touring a new city:

1. Choose a color that blends with your wardrobe

You often find sneakers in these very bright, garish colors these days. One of the reasons I jumped at these rose gold Harman sneakers is that the blush tone is muted, and is cohesive with the rest of my closet. Black sneakers can be chic, but if you usually wear bright colors, they might draw the eye away instead of completing the look. Try choosing neutral shades or colors that match your clothes.

2. Stick to fitted pants or skirts

This one is a personal style preference, so of course go with what you’re comfortable with. However, wearing baggy bottoms with my sneakers makes me look like the only place I belong is the gym. Especially since sneakers can look bulky so easily, a slimmer silhouette right above them will help balance the look. I’ll often wear skinny jeans and/or roll up the cuffs on my pants to show my ankles (and my kitty tattoo!)

Check out my tips on how to style sneakers with everyday outfits. | Slashed Beauty

3. Coordinate your accessories

This goes back to my first point: make your shoes a part of your outfit more than an afterthought by coordinating your outfit. Whether that be the exact color or just a general color scheme, or perhaps the detailing (like the metallic stripes on my Harmans). Today I’m wearing one of my favorite outfits to rock with my Harmans: a rose gold metallic top that matches the detailing and a coral purse that both fit in with the pink color scheme. I break up the monochromatic theme with some black pants and a jean jacket. Now, my shoes look like a conscious fashion choice.

4. Wear no-show socks

When styling sneakers for everyday looks (vs. wearing them for fitness), wear them with no-show socks so that you don’t take away from the look. Again, this lends itself to looking more seriously athletic, and can break up the color scheme of your outfit.

Check out my tips on how to style sneakers with everyday outfits. | Slashed Beauty

5. Keep ‘em clean

When your sneakers are starting to look a little worn, give them a good clean so they’re always worthy of showing off. A magic eraser is my best friend when getting the soles of my shoes extra white, like new!

6. Choose a classic sneaker style

To get the most out of your sneakers, choose a classic style that will transcend trends. The Reebok Classic Harmans don’t have a lot of bells and whistles— just a traditional silhouette that makes it much easier to style.

So if you see me on Instagram rocking these babies with every outfit… you know why. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in seeing more outfits incorporating them!

What are your every day go-to shoes?


  1. I have tons of Sauconys since I ran many marathons they actually look pretty cool too with any casual pants compared to the old boring white sneakers for walkers years ago. Lol! And also they are awesome, awesome quality the real thing. I had shins splints and IT band as a beginner runner at Top to Top/Santa Monica, they fitted me did this gait analysis and switched into Sayconys no more problems even after having ran Big Sur which kicked my butt! I’ll be loyal to that brand forever! Lol! Get the right shoes for intensive exercising. Have fun in the sun!

  2. These shoes are so my style. I am stuck in sneakers for the foreseeable future so finding stylish ones have been important to me.

  3. I have a bunch of shoes but I constantly reach for my black flats or my red patten leather Tieks. These are awesome modern sneaks!

  4. I’m totally with you! I’d rather have a few pairs of shoes I absolutely LOVE and will wear a ton then a whole bunch taking up space and never getting worn. Love these!

    1. Exaccctllyyy!! I like to keep clutter down so I feel so dumb when I buy shoes that I know aren’t going to be worn very often. Even my “special event” shoes, I’ll have maybe like 1-2 pairs of statement shoes but you’ll see me wear them with everything lmao

  5. I definitely have a couple pairs of shoes that I wear over and over again. These are great tips! I love those rose gold sneakers, too!

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