5 Hair Hacks to Make Curls Last

    Putting big, bouncy curls in my hair is one of my favorite style go-tos for special events and parties. They’re flirty, fun, and versatile for all sorts of occasions when you want a little more liveliness to your hairstyle. However, as easy as they can be to put in with the right curling iron, it can be a struggle to make curls last throughout the day.

    Check out these hair hacks to help you make curls last in your hairstyle! | Slashed Beauty

    Unless you’re blessed with naturally textured hair, you’re probably going to need a little extra help to make your hair hold its curl. Here are five hair hacks that can help curls last longer so you can show off your hair from day to night.

    1. Curl on Second-Day Hair

    When your hair is freshly washed, it tends to have more slip to it and can have a little more trouble holding styles. Second day hair usually takes to style more quickly and holds on to it longer. If there’s a specific event you know you’ll be curling your hair for, wash your hair one to two days ahead of time so that you have some texture to it by the time you’re curling.

    Check out these hair hacks to help you make curls last in your hairstyle! | Slashed Beauty

    2. Pin While Cooling

    Here’s a classic technique that still works wonders! After releasing a new curl from the iron, catch it in your hand and pin it against your head with a bobby pin or duckbill clips. Keep the curl coiled— you can use your finger to get it wrapped tightly. Let your curls set while pinned and let down only once they’re completely cool. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can shake or comb them out for a looser bounce.

3. Let Curls Cool Before Styling

    Before you take your curls and manipulate them into whatever final style you’ll be wearing, let them cool completely. When you pin or tie it up while the hair is still warm, you risk stretching or denting the curls, which will just take more time to correct later. I personally curl my hair and let them cool while doing my makeup, then go back to do final touches.

    Check out these hair hacks to help you make curls last in your hairstyle! | Slashed Beauty

    My Curling Iron: Kiss Instawave Pro

    4. Curl in Smaller Sections

    Working your iron in smaller sections (with whatever size iron you normally use) will help create longer lasting curls. You might start out looking a little like Shirley Temple, but no fear— wait for the curls to completely cool, then shake out your hair by running your fingers through it. You can also run a wide-tooth comb through the curls to transform them into larger, voluminous curls that you won’t have to worry about falling flat.

    5. Use Styling Sprays

    The right combination of styling sprays can help prolong your style without the crunchy feel or plastic appearance. I would suggest starting out with a heat protection spray and a light mist of texturizing spray (dry shampoo works, too) before curling. Once the curls are cool and your hair is styled, a medium-strong hold hairspray that still leaves a natural feel is perfect for finishing the look and making your curls last.

    Tools I Use to Make Curls Last:


    How do you make curls last all day?




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