Get Next-Level Glow with the Milani Glow Hydrating Skin Tint

No-makeup makeup looks have been trending more than ever lately. Skin care had such a moment in 2020— less makeup being used under masks caused a major shift from full coverage flawless finishes to fresh faces that let our skin take the stage. With that, there’s been a surge in beauty products that combine makeup and skin care solutions, like the new Milani Glow Hydrating Skin Tint.

The Milani Glow Hydrating Skin Tint ($11.99) is the newest drugstore tinted moisturizer in the game, and is great for those with dry skin, or normal skin when you want an intense glow. It offers sheer coverage that can even out slight discoloration or dark spots (but won’t conceal moderate acne), leaving you with a bright and healthy look. Being so sheer, one of the four shade options is likely to work for you as you blend it in with your skin. Options range from Fair to Deep, and I use 210 which is labelled Light to Medium.

The texture of this skin tint is close to a gel— it’s thin and sinks into the skin easily. The formula is actually made of 29% squalane, which is a stabilized version of squalene, a natural lipid produced by the body’s oil glands that hydrate and maintain the skin barrier. As we age, our skin produces less and less, significantly decreasing after the age of 30. While squalane works with all skin types, it’s particularly beneficial for those with dry skin to prevent hydration loss and lock in moisture. Along with squalane, the skin tint contains a “skin-quenching” electrolyte and coconut water blend to boost moisture even more. Long story short, this is a very hydrating product, and your skin will look plump and radiant.

As you can see in the above before and after, I’ve been dealing with a few acne spots as well as hyperpigmentation left behind from breakouts. I applied the Glow Hydrating Skin Tint to my face with my hands first, then blended out streakiness with a damp sponge. While you could still see a couple of red spots on my chin, I was pretty happy with how it evened out dark spots. Paired with a bit of concealer, I could see myself reaching for this when I want a more natural look. As far as the glow, I’m on the fence. I myself have combo skin and get pretty oily in my t-zone in the summer. Starting out with such a strong sheen means that a few hours in, I’ll be looking downright shiny. While setting my t-zone with powder helps with this, it also sort of dulls the look and defeats the point of the product. I feel like I’d be more comfortable wearing this in the winter, when my skin leans more dry overall and I could definitely use and appreciate the extra help.

The coverage also doesn’t last all day, but the hydrating feeling does. It’s also not transferproof (definitely not mask safe!), but the product fades evenly and still looks natural hours into wear. I do wish that they had made this with SPF so it could be an all-in-one product, as I prefer to wear it without layering other products. However, it does deliver on all of its claims and does a great job at them, and those with dry skin will most likely love how this transforms skin from dull to luminous.

You can find the Milani Glow Hydrating Skin Tint at Ulta Beauty.

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