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Essie Seaglass Shimmers Collection Swatches

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May 24, 2018

Um, hi, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything about my nails. To be honest, they were in awful shape for a while, breaking right and left. I wasn’t taking care of them at all, but I’m back to my strong nail routine and they’ve been getting so much longer and healthier.

So it was perfect timing when the new essie 2018 Seaglass Shimmers Nail Polish Collection landed across my desk. Ya’ll know I’m apprehensive of anything too shimmery. I don’t like dealing with glitter clinging everywhere, so I get hesitant to put that anywhere near me. But these summery shades needed to be tried on. They needed to be!

The Seaglass Shimmers Collection has six shades that range from neutral to bright, all packed with shimmer— some of them having a subtle shift to them. They’re all very beachy and airy, and very fun to wear.

Let’s jump into the shades!

At Sea Level

At Sea Level is by far my favorite shade in the collection. It’s a light aqua blue with the most subtle purple shift— blink and you’ll miss it. This one is the “mermaid” shade of the bunch for sure.

Don’t Be Salty

Don’t Be Salty is a neutral shimmer, a light beige-y pink. This one could be easily worn year-round, but reminds me of creamy sands on vacation.

Coral Coast

Coral Coast is an interesting shade— it applies a lot more peachy champagne in my opinion, with a golden shift. It’s not quite my favorite against my skin tone, but pretty.

World Is Your Oyster

World Is Your Oyster is a dreamy lilac with a subtle green shift when it catches the light just right.

High Tides & Dives

High Tides & Dives is a really interesting bronzy shade with a copper shift. It’s one of those shades that going to look different day to day in various lighting.

You Me & The Sea

Finally, we have You Me & The Sea which is my least favorite shade, just because it doesn’t really seem unique. It’s a bit of an outlier from the more pastel mood the rest of the collection has, as well.

I will say that out of all the shimmery nail polishes I’ve tried, these are the easiest to apply and achieve an opaque finish. Two thin coats will get you to full coverage easily. The best part about shimmer polishes in my opinion, is that small knicks or smudges aren’t as noticeable.

My struggle is taking off the polish, though. Being that it’s all shimmer, you can end up with shimmer residue around your cuticles if you’re not super thorough. I would highly suggest using 100% acetone as the easiest way to take it off.

Out of the whole collection, I think the must-haves are At Sea Level, High Tides & Dives, and World Is Your Oyster as far as the most unique that would add something new to your collection. You can pick them up for $9 each at your fave drugstore or now on Amazon!

What’s your favorite essie Seaglass Collection shade?

  1. Khadija
    | Reply

    Such a pretty collection, just screams summer! My fav is coral coast, i don’t own anything like it!

    KHVDIJA | http://www.khvdija.co.uk

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