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Easy Halloween Makeup Idea: Spider Mouth

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October 14, 2019

Whether you’re scrambling last minute or you’re looking for a super cheap idea, I love DIY Halloween costumes that are reliant on a creative makeup look. This Halloween makeup look is a little creepy, a little glam, and can be done with what you most likely already have in your collection. Throw on anything black or lacy from your closet and you’re good to go!

As for what to tell your friends when they ask you what you’re dressed up as… you can call it spider queen or maybe mother of spiders. Heck, you could even say you’re Billie Eilish from the You Should See Me In a Crown music video. Either way, this is just a fun look to sport when you want to get in the Halloween spirit without putting down a ton of money on a full-on costume you’ll only wear once.

Watch the video above for the step by step halloween makeup tutorial.

When recreating this spider makeup look, keep in mind these helpful tips:

  • Using a white pencil liner may be more convenient than liquid, since you can wipe the tip off to get the color pure again. When I tested this look using a liquid eyeliner, the applicator got dingy from foundation and other products on my face.
  • Let the black liner dry completely before layering the white on top.
  • Leave ample space in between the spider legs to create shadow lines.
  • Use a waterproof liquid liner for drawing the spider, as you’ll be drawing on your lips.

Products I Used:

This is the perfect halloween makeup for work, school, or a party. As much as I love going all out, sometimes you just need a costume that is quick, easy and cheap. I promise you, even though it may look a bit complicated, you do not need to be a makeup pro to recreate this look. Give yourself at least a half hour to do it, though, since you’ll want to work a bit slowly and steadily.