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Drugstore Must-Haves: Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Palettes

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June 6, 2017

This post has been sponsored by Physicians Formula. All opinions are my own.

I’m pretty critical of contour and highlighting palettes. I think it takes a lot to make them great— you need the right shades, the right amount of blendability, and of course pigmentation. When the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Highlight & Contour palettes were revealed earlier this year, I got to see them up close and personal right before launch. If you didn’t catch me on the brand’s Instagram story, I was literally squealing with excitement because these, my friends, are drugstore gems. When I first posted about them on Instagram back in March, it seemed you all were just as stoked. So let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The palettes, available on the Physicians Formula site and in stores at Rite Aid, come in two versions: Shimmer Glow and Matte Sculpting. As the name suggests, one has entirely shimmery shades to highlight and bronze a variety of skin tones while the other is solely for contouring and adding dimension to the face. I think both are must-haves, as they work very well together to create a spotlight-ready look.

The Bronze Booster Palette in Matte Sculpting has three shades: a warm, deep brown, a cool medium brown and a light eggshell shade. I typically mix the two contour options to get my perfect sculpting shade. The deep shade brings the pigmentation while the cool shade neutralizes it for a more natural look. Or, use them separately depending on your skin tone and the result you’re looking for. If you want to do a subtle highlight, or want to set luminizing concealer, the eggshell shade will come in clutch.

Then, we have the Bronze Booster Palette in Shimmer Glow. My oh my, was this exciting when I first laid eyes on it. Again, we have three shades: a warm bronze with gold shimmer, a champagne shimmer, and a straight up white glowy shade. I was so surprised to see how much pigment these gave off, and knew I’d be reaching for it when I want a show-stopping glow.

How I use the palettes:

  1. First, I mix the two contour shades in the Matte Sculpting palette together, and blend them into the hollows of my cheeks using the included brush.
  2. Next, I apply my blush of choice. For this look, I used the Physicians Formula Butter Blush in Rosy Pink.
  3. For glam looks, I’ll top off the look using the lightest highlight shade in the Shimmer Glow palette. For more natural or everyday looks, I’ll use the middle champagne shade.

Both palettes have knockout formulas. The Matte Sculpting palette has the texture similar to the brand’s Butter Blush: smooth, soft and blendable. Shimmer Glow has a little bit more of a creamier feel to it, but the brush still picks up and blends the shades easily.

While the palettes can be used for everyday subtle face contouring, I find myself going all out with them because… well, I can! These deliver the most dramatic contouring that I love for glam looks that I’ve been able to achieve with drugstore products. Side note: the brush included with the palettes (which is stored in a hidden compartment under the pans) is actually decent! I used them for the look above.

You can get the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Palettes in stores at Rite-Aid or on the brand’s website Be sure to follow me on Instagram, since we’re going to be doing a giveaway with these soon!

Have you tried the new Bronze Booster palettes?

18 Responses

  1. Marina
    | Reply

    I bought the PF Bronze Boosting Matte Sculpting palette when it came out this Spring. I already hit pan on the eggshell highlighting and the middle cool medium brown contour shades. That middle contour shade is THE ONE I’ve been searching for. It’s just perfect for fair to light skinned girls. Not too muddy and not too orange. Plus, these 2 shafes are a dupe for $42 NARS highlighting blush in Olympia.

    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      I completely agree! It’s so easy to blend and the shades are spot on for contouring. Glad you love it as much as I do!!

  2. Maria J.
    | Reply

    I have the matte sculpting palette, but not the shimmer one because I was quite skeptical and scared to wear these shades. I loved how both palettes looked on you and will pick it up soon when CVS has a sale. I also have the butter blushes, but not rosy pink because I prefer Vintage Rouge due to the rich peachy/coral tone, so I don’t if you have tried it as of yet or what your thoughts are about it.

    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      I haven’t tried Vintage Rouge but that sounds so pretty! I’ll probably have to go pick it up, because I love the formula!

  3. Silvia
    | Reply

    I have held these babies in my hand but the darkest is too dark on me. Perfect match for me the WetnWild Dulce de Leche contour one omg! Cannot believe how great it turned out! My daughter fell for it also and she loves the high life more than her old mom. Lol! I do have both shimmering strips from P.F. and adore them also so very natural a slight healthy sheen but no disco ball got both of them! You look great in this photo I also love the coral lipstick look on you. Very pretty.
    On another note, when I pace lead at the group here in L.A. the awesome Roadrunners the newbie girls would ask me what to wear on their periods I would tell them remember this! All Ninja! Lol! What a disaster to have to deal with on a long 18 miler or 20 from early morning. All black as in Ninja shorts girls. 🙂

    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      That’s awesome to know! I’ll have to check it out– thanks Silvia!

  4. maribel
    | Reply

    What lipstick color are you wearing in the picture at the bottom of this post. I like it very much? I like the shades of bronzer in this post. I would like to do this look on me.

  5. Hilary Belnap
    | Reply

    I’ve been wanting to try these! Thank you for reminding me!!! 🙂

  6. Christa Potter
    | Reply

    The shades look really flattering!

  7. Jessica Holoka
    | Reply

    This is so pretty!

  8. Carly Anderson
    | Reply

    I love the colors in these!

  9. Whitney Cornelison
    | Reply

    Amazing. I love that you can buy it at a drugstore. I’m still learning how to apply highlight and contour without it looking horrible. It’s awesome when I do it right. The one time it worked. LOL

  10. Kendra
    | Reply

    Your contour is amazing!

  11. kissmytulle
    | Reply

    This is one of my very favorite brands because the make-up doesn’t irritate my eyes.

  12. Phyrra
    | Reply

    You are so gorgeous! And those palettes are super cute. Thanks for the tutorial!

  13. Jaelan Mincey
    | Reply

    A bronzer palette from Physician’s Formula?! This is fantastic. I love the variety!

  14. Camille Gabel
    | Reply

    I love bronzer and this palette looks great for summer.

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