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DIY Scarecrow Halloween Costume + Makeup Tutorial

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October 15, 2017

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Ya’ll know you can rely on me for ways to get ready for Halloween without breaking the bank. Last week, I shared some DIY Halloween costumes you can put together with clothing you probably already own. Well here’s one more, completed with a full makeup look!

This easy Halloween scarecrow makeup doesn’t scream “last minute” at all, but it’s incredible easy to achieve and pair with everyday products. No face paint needed, and you also get to let your glam side show as well.

The makeup products I used to create this look that you may not already own (bright, bold colors) are still incredibly affordable, so you don’t have to worry about splurging on something you might not use all the time IRL.

I kept this look pretty PG, however you can definitely make it lean more scary by adding some fake blood or fake wounds around any of the stitch work. Check out my fake wound tutorial here.

This scarecrow halloween makeup doesn’t take much longer than a normal face of makeup, and honestly I’m digging the eye look for a regular fall routine (minus the fake bottom lashes, of course!).

Watch the video above for the full makeup and costume tutorial.

Putting together the costume itself is pretty easy. I already had this floppy beach hat, which I used instead of a straw hat. I layered a chambray top over a white camisole and rocked a ripped patchy pair of denim shorts. Keeping in mind the end of October can be chilly, I layered some patterned tights that have accumulated a few holes for that “worn” look. The boots finish off the look, and you’re done! You can also use any plaid clothing you own for that farm aesthetic, like flannel shirts or gingham scarves.

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Have you worn any DIY halloween costumes recently?

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