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CoverGirl Katy Kat Matte Lipsticks Review

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May 23, 2016

Updated on 6/21/16 to include the rest of the shades in the collection!

A few weeks ago, I couldn’t contain my excitement at the announcement of Katy Perry’s collaboration with Covergirl for her new makeup line. The pop star has been my makeup role model for ages, with her unapologetic use of color, while also pulling off subtle looks beautifully. The new lipsticks in the line excited me most, with a range of shades from muted neutrals to punchy pinks, and I couldn’t wait to get my paws on them!

The Katy Kat Matte lipsticks come in 13 shades, twelve of them I have to show you here (it’s literally impossible to find the whole collection in stock anywhere right now!). Their advertised to have a demi-matte finish, Katy’s favorite in a lipstick.

Pink Paws

Pink Paws is a light, dusty pink that’s quite versatile with its neutral undertone. Out of all of the shades, this shade had a finish closest to a traditional matte.

Coral Cat

The perfect summer color, this bright coral is vibrant and fun. It goes on nearly completely opaque and the slight sheen is more noticeable.

Cat Call

Cat Call is my absolute favorite shade of the bunch thus far: a juicy hot pink with a whole lotta attitude. It definitely makes a statement and would be great paired with Katy’s signature cat eye.

Perry Panther

Perry Panther is probably one of the most discussed shade of the line, as not many drugstore brands dare to venture into black lipsticks. Perry Panther was one the least matte of the shades, and went on with a lot of slip. It was a bit difficult to build up on its own without streakiness, but I think it would perform better if you lay down a black eyeliner as your lipliner underneath. Either way, once you fiddle with it you can see that it’s a rich black that many of us have been yearning for from mainstream brands.


I’m loving this rosy pink since it’s colorful yet muted enough to get away with wearing for any type of situation– like at the office or night out.

Cosmo Kitty

Another one of the out-of-the-box shades from the line, Cosmo Kitty was the one I was most excited for. A medium lavender that just pops off your lips, this is a shade you don’t see often from the drugstore. I found it hard to apply without streakiness, and it was far from matte. It has a little too much slip for me to want to actually wear it out, because I’d be afraid it was separating throughout the day. Such a shame, because that color is gorgeous.

Crimson Cat

Crimson Cat is another favorite in the line. It has a nearly-matte finish (what they’re all supposed to have) and the neutral red is a classic shade that you can never have enough of.

Kitty Purry

Kitty Purry is an interesting shade, as it’s a nearly-neutral pink with purple undertones. It would look great with a bold eye look, but also stands its ground alone.

Magenta Mix

Your typical hot pink magenta, this pretty shade is as bold as Katy herself. I loved the even application and the true demi-matte finish.

Maroon Meow

Maroon Meow was the most disappointing of the entire collection. It had so much potential to be the most sultry burgundy shade, but I couldn’t get an even application to save my life (as you can see in the photo). Another one that does not deserve the “matte” label.

Purrsian Pink

Purrsian Pink is a Walmart-exclusive shade, and a beautiful one at that. It’s a great pink for year-round since it’s not too bright but still adds a great pop of color to your look.


The most neutral of all, Sphynx is also one of the most matte in the line. This would be a great your-lips-but-better shade for people with light to medium skin tones.

I really enjoyed the formula of most these lipsticks— even for a demi-matte, they’re extremely comfortable and hydrating on the lips. The thing is, though, the formula isn’t consistent across the shades… some were more matte, and some were downright slippery. However, for those who tend to shy away from mattes due to the dryness, you would probably like these! Even though 3/4 of my shades have way too much sheen to even be considered demi-matte, I still very much like the creamy finish. They’re just mislabeled with “matte” in the title, plain and simple.

As of right now, there’s no talk about these limited edition… they should be around as long as Katy is a Covergirl herself. More good news: these will also be available in Canada. I know some of my Canadian readers were concerned as they typically do not get these special collections, but this time it’s coming to you!

You can find the Katy Perry Collection from Covergirl for around $8.99 and the whole collection is now available at Ulta Beauty

Which shade do you like most?

9 Responses

  1. Tina
    | Reply

    Coral Kat works incredibly well. I’m an unflirty-forty and of Indian origin. It’s a great work look for spring-summer. It’s noticeably hydrating (great, I live in Subarctic Canada) and stays put all day despite coffee and food.

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      I love this formula! And hey, you can be every bit flirty at forty! 🙂

  2. Rachel Runyan
    | Reply

    I’m glad they worked for you. I couldn’t get past the super-perfumey taste and scent and returned them. There are some really pretty shades, though.

    • Mine don’t have any noticable fragrance– I wonder if either you or I got the “off” batch!

      • Rachel Runyan
        | Reply

        I’m glad you didn’t have an issue with the scent. I’ve heard a few people say theirs smelled like soap or chemicals, but it didn’t bother them once they were wearing it. Usually, that is my experience with CoverGirl, too. Maybe I got a strong batch, or I was extra sensitive to some change in the fragrance.

  3. Mindy Miller Weeks
    | Reply

    I love the coral and pink paws.

  4. Jenny
    | Reply

    These look so cute and I love the variety of colors! I think I need to check these out! 🙂


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