How I Boost Skin Benefits by Multi-Masking

As someone with combo skin, sometimes one beauty product just doesn’t meet all of my skin needs. I have an oily T-zone, a recurring problem area on my forehead, and dry patches near my chin and eyes. While I love pampering myself with a good face mask, I often have to choose what skin issue I want to address. Do I want to absorb oil? Do I want to hydrate? Do I want to unclog pores and tackle blackheads? I could spend forever looking for a wonder mask that covers it all… or I could multi-mask!

How I Boost Skin Benefits by Multi-Masking

Multi-masking is the art of combining several masks you have at home, and applying them to specific parts of the face according to what skin benefits they tout. You could also try layering them, letting the first mask sit for a few minutes, then rubbing the top mask in. If you want to have a lot of fun, create a mask cocktail and mix a couple together! This is a great way to achieve balance and make the most of what face masks you may already have at home.

I typically use up to three masks when multi-masking: one to fight acne, one to absorb oil and tighten pores, and one to hydrate. I personally wouldn’t use more than this, so not to shock my skin with too many active ingredients.

How I Boost Skin Benefits by Multi-Masking

For Fighting Acne: I have been using The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask for a little over a year now. It soothes the skin, helps breakouts clear up faster, and reduces redness around problem areas. I’ve even used it as a spot treatment to help fight extra stubborn blemishes. While it absorbs oil, this mask doesn’t harden or leave your skin feeling parched. Tip: You should always purchase from The Body Shop on their website! They have consistent online-exclusive sales (like 40% off everything) that can save you a ton of cash. I apply the Tea Tree Face Mask to my major problem areas: my forehead, chin, and a bit onto my cheeks.

For Absorbing Oil: I use a mask that’s a tad more drying on and around my nose, which is the area that gets the oiliest on my face. For this, I use the Reviva Labs Problem Skin Mask. This mask is on the thick side, and you only need a little for it to work hard and draw out impurities, absorb oil, and minimize the appearance of pores. While this works great to fight acne as well, I like to keep it away from my dry areas to avoid thirsty skin.

For Hydration: I usually need extra moisture around my eye area. For this, I use the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Coffee & Chai Energizing Paper Eye Mask. Not only does this hydrate, but it also brightens dark under-eye circles, reduces puffiness, and tones the skin. This could be an awesome addition to any morning skin care routine, because when you peel the mask off, you can just rub in the serum that’s left behind and be on your way. A good product to keep on hand for hangovers or all-nighters.

Multi-masking is all about doing what’s right for your skin, so go slowly and experiment conservatively to see what benefits you the most!

What are your favorite face masks?



  1. As someone with combo skin, I definitely appreciate this idea! I use mud masks (like Queen Helene Mint Julep) when my skin is misbehaving, but only on my nose or t-zone. Nothing wrong with that! Harder to do with sheet masks though unless you cut part off.

  2. Not only is this great for creating a personalized masque, it’s a great Halloween costume! masque-girl! Lol

  3. I’ll have to try that Coffee & Chai mask for my eyes! My favorite mask is Kate Somerville Clearing Mask, it’s like a miracle for my acne-prone skin.

  4. My favorite mask for everything is the Mask of Magnaminty from LUSH, lol. I’m totally out and need to go get more!

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