Best Budget Fake Lashes $5 and Under

Over the past couple years, I’ve gotten more confident about wearing false lashes. I think they can really elevate a makeup look to give it that va-va-voom vibe. But all lashes are not created equal.

Best Budget Fake Lashes  and Under | Slashed Beauty

There are a ton of cheap lashes out there that look and feel very plasticky— maybe they’re too shiny or the band is too stiff and hard to apply. However, that doesn’t mean you always have to pay a lot for a good set of falsies. My absolute favorite lashes are all $5 and under, in fact.

Ardell Demi Wispies ($4.99)

Best Budget Fake Lashes  and Under | Ardell Demi Wispies | Slashed Beauty

Demi Wispies are a classic style that are just the right amount of fullness and length without looking obviously fake. They add a nice winged flare to the corners to accentuate the shape. These are the only style of lashes that I don’t have to trim to size, and the clear band is flexible and lightweight.

AOA Luella Lashes ($1)

Best Budget Fake Lashes  and Under | AOA Luella Lashes | Slashed Beauty

These might be my absolute favorite fake lashes due to the fluttery effect and the fact that they’re $1 a pair! I ain’t lyin’! The AOA Luella lashes are made from 100% natural human hair so they look incredibly natural, but will add a lot of length. They also pack two full layers of lashes on one band for maximum fullness and blend with your natural lashes. Despite the price and lightweight feel, I’ve been able to get about 2-3 wears out of one pair when removed carefully. Now that’s awesome value! And yes, these are available in 6-packs making each pair even cheaper.

e.l.f. Winged & Bold Luxe Lash Kit ($4)

Best Budget Fake Lashes  and Under | e.l.f. Winged & Bold Luxe Lash Kit | Slashed Beauty

This kit contains both lashes and glue all in one. These winged lashes are double-layered for the ultimate impact and flared corners for a winged eye effect. The bands of these lashes are black, so these work best if you’re pairing them with dark liner to get them to blend better with your lashline.

AOA Chloe Lashes ($1)

Best Budget Fake Lashes  and Under | AOA Chloe Lashes | Slashed Beauty

Another dollar lash find from AOA, the Chloes features flirty clusters of voluminous lashes in a style that’s been super popular lately. The longest lashes are in the middle, so they create a rounded doll-eye effect.

What are your favorite budget friendly fake lashes?

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