Affordable Perfume Oils from Amazon: A Girl’s Gotta Spa!

Wearing perfume daily is a small pleasure I’m relishing as I find myself getting dressed up and going out less often these days. I’ve also been doing an overhaul of my perfume collection as many of the bottles on my vanity were long past their shelf life.

Affordable Perfume Oils from Amazon: A Girl's Gotta Spa! Review | Slashed Beauty

Three new eau de parfum rollerballs joined my rotation in the last week from A Girl’s Gotta Spa!— an independent beauty brand available on Amazon. At only $24 for an 8ml tube, these fragrances are natural, vegan and cruelty free. It seemed like a great value, so I was excited to add them to my collection!

One thing I want to note straight away: these are made with natural oils, which can be affected by heat. I live in a climate that has been consistently 105 degrees recently, and when I received these perfumes in the mail they were hot! With that said, straight out of the packaging they smelled off to me. After letting them cool down for a couple days, though, their true notes were revealed.

There are three current scents in this perfume line.

Natural Perfume from Amazon: A Girl's Gotta Spa! Review | Slashed Beauty

Soar has to be my favorite of the three. It’s on the warmer side (which is typically my preference for perfume) but has refreshing qualities thanks to the citrus notes. The notes are Meyer Lemon, Wild Orange, Ginger, Geranium, Rose Absolute, Green Tea, Fig, Spice, Amber and White Musk. It’s super balanced between citrus, spicy, and sweet.

I was really surprised that I ended up liking Known as much as I do. I am really sensitive when it comes to rose scents, because they’re often so heavy and artificial. However, Known actually smells like you have a real flower up to your nose. It’s light, it’s natural, and so pleasant. It’s described as Black Currant, Green Angelica, Wild Rose, Tea Rose and Papyrus.

Arise is my least favorite, personally, but a great option for those looking for something more sophisticated. Its notes are Jasmine, Grapefruit, Orange and Vanilla Bean and has sort of a bitter first impression that warms up. It’s got a slight patchouli vibe, which people tend to usually love or hate.

Vegan Perfume from Amazon: A Girl's Gotta Spa! Review | Slashed Beauty

These fragrances are formulated without pthalates, formaldehyde, sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, or alcohol, and use a grapeseed carrier oil that soaks into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling soft. I typically roll it or dab it on to my wrists, inner elbow, and behind the ears. I can get a hint of the scent even a few hours of application depending on how much I’ve applied, though I wouldn’t say it lasts all day. The compact size and rollerball design make it really easy to carry along with me in my purse for reapplication, though!

You can find the A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Eau de Perfum Rollerballs on Amazon for $24.

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