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How to Apply Fake Lashes for Beginners

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June 24, 2020

How to Apply Fake Lashes for Beginners | Fake Lash Tips | Slashed Beauty

Fake lashes can immediately amplify any makeup look– they’re my secret weapon for instant glam. But, the act of applying them can be very intimidating for both beginners and seasoned beauty lovers alike. Once you get the hang of it, though, you’ll be hooked on the look.

A few easy tips can help you master fake lashes, making application a breeze and helping them feel more comfortable for all day wear! Keep reading for my top tips on how to apply fake lashes for beginners.

How to Trim Your Fake Lashes | How to Apply Fake Lashes for Beginners | Slashed Beauty

1. Customize Your Fit

Some eyelashes will fit you straight out of the packaging, others will need to be trimmed. In order to check the fit, line up the inner corner of the lash with the inner corner of your eye and see how much it extends past your outer corner, if at all. Getting a good fit is super important for all day comfort.

If you do find that it the band needs to be shortened, trim it from the outer corner only. Try finding a gap in the lashes so that the cut is clean. You never want to trim from the inner corner, because that’s where the short and fine lashes are which help mimic natural lash growth.

I’m using the Icona Lashes False Eyelash Toolkit, which includes scissors, tweezers, a lash applicator and lash curler.

2. Curl Your Own Lashes & Add Mascara

Prepping your natural lashes before applying fake ones is essential. Be sure to curl your lashes, which helps them blend into your falsies. If you leave them uncurled, they will likely stick out underneath your fake lash and compromise the look. You’ll also want to add a thin coat of mascara which darkens them so you can’t tell the difference between natural lash and fake.

Fake Lash Glue Tips | How to Apply Fake Lashes for Beginners | Slashed Beauty

3. Add Glue & Wait

Grab your lashes with tweezers or an applicator at the center, just under the band. Start applying a thin layer of glue from corner to corner. I prefer brush-on glues, like the $1.88 AOA Studio A+ Super Lash Glue. Try your best not to get glue on the actual lashes (which I failed to do above) because this will make them harder to remove later as they adhere to your natural eyelashes.

Once you’ve applied the glue, wait about 30 seconds for the glue to become slightly tacky. If you don’t do this, the lash will likely slip around or pop right off. Letting the glue slightly dry before application helps the lash grab onto your skin and continue to dry in place without migrating. But, don’t wait too long, or you’ll lose the stickiness.

Apply Fake Lashes with Eyes Open | How to Apply Fake Lashes for Beginners | Slashed Beauty

5. Apply With Open Eyes

For precise application, you want to keep your eye open when applying fake lashes. I find it helpful to look downward into a mirror, which allows me to slightly close my eyes without fully shutting them. The center of the lash should be the first point you anchor onto the lash line, then push in each corner. I typically hold each corner in place for a few seconds to make sure they’re really stuck on well.

6. Fix Mistakes with Eyeliner

If you find that your lashes look a little wonky after applying, you don’t necessarily have to start all over. Most false eyelash mistakes can be fixed with liquid liner. If you applied it slightly higher than your natural lash line, press your natural lashes and falsies together as much as you can, then fill in the gap on your lash line with liquid liner. If your lash went on a little crooked, conceal the angle by adding liquid liner on top of the band in an even, thick line. You won’t be able to see where the band meets the skin, so you can’t see the mistake!

Fake Lashes Before and After | How to Apply Fake Lashes for Beginners | Slashed Beauty
Above, I’m wearing the e.l.f. Winged & Bold Luxe Lashes ($4)

The biggest tip I have is practice, practice, practice. Try it out when you have nowhere to go, with some cheap dollar store lashes just to get the hang of it. In no time, it will be like muscle memory.

What makes the process of putting on fake eyelashes easier for you?

12 Responses

  1. Lee
    | Reply

    I purchased 4 or 5 pairs of false eyelashes over a year ago…
    After watching the video…l will try to…
    My vision isn’t good…

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      Definitely give it a try– and perhaps a magnifying mirror could help if your vision isn’t great, so you can get a closer and clearer look 🙂

  2. Tequila Cherry
    | Reply

    I love you guy’s, really! You all have helped me become “ALMOST PERFECT at applying my false lashes! I loved your quick video on “How to Apply False Lashes” on YouTube and it’s helped me more than you know!?! Ty again,
    Tequila Cherry

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      Thank you!! Good luck and practice makes perfect.

  3. Falaq
    | Reply

    Thank you for this nice article. It will definitely help me a lot.

  4. Heidi Rebane
    | Reply

    Hello, I’m wanting to wear the fake lashes, my only problem is I wear cobalt blue mascara. I have for over 30 years. Where can I find decent fake cobalt lashes? Thanks bunches. Heidi R

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      I’m not sure how bright your mascara is but Ardell is a brand I really like and they have a pair of blue lashes on Amazon (affiliate link)– they also sell Ardell at beauty supply stores like Sally. You’ll have better luck around Pride (coming up) and Halloween when a lot of drugstore brands put out different color lashes. Another thing you can do is apply your mascara to the falsies, it can tint them just like it does your own lashes, but keep in mind this will dramatically decrease how many times you can rewear the lashes.

    • Erica
      | Reply

      Check out Moxie Lashes, Glamnetic and Moitie! They have colored lashes I forget who has the blue ones though,

  5. Jami Ward-Dean
    | Reply

    I find putting on fake eyelashes intimidating and I get frustrated with them very quickly. I did buy some cheap fakes to practice so I don’t ruin my good ones that cost quite a bit more. I just need to practice and have patience. Thanks for the tips

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      That’s an excellent idea! Yes, it really took me making a point to try applying on a weekly basis before I got more comfortable. Good luck!!

  6. Brooklyn Johnson
    | Reply

    I had no idea that once you’ve applied the glue to the fake eyelashes, you do not want to immediately apply the lash, and that you need to wait for it to get tacky. My wedding is coming up and I want to wear fake eyelashes, but I’ve never put them on before and have no idea what to do. I will definitely keep all of your tips in mind when trying to successfully apply false eyelashes on my wedding day.

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      Absolutely! When the glue is wet it’s really easy for the lash to slip or get nudged out of place before it’s dry. Good luck! I did my own makeup on my wedding day as well. Check out the “Wedding” tab under Categories on the blog for more wedding content.

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