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8 Halloween Face Mask Costumes from Etsy

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October 6, 2020

Halloween 2020 is going to look very different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Whether you’re going to work, a socially distanced gathering, or you just want to be festive while out and about, chances are you’ll have to wear your Halloween costume with a face mask to stay safe.

You can actually have a ton of fun with Halloween face mask costumes, making the face mask an important part— and even the focus of— the costume!

Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite Halloween face mask costume ideas, with face masks you can order from Etsy. I would recommend ordering these masks ASAP since they are from small businesses and shipping times vary— estimated delivery dates are on each listing. These are not medical-grade masks.

Click the picture of the Halloween face mask to find it on Etsy.

8 Halloween Face Mask Costumes from Etsy | Halloween Costumes with Masks | Slashed Beauty

1. Joker Mask ($9.09)
This Joker Mask is a classic Halloween staple, and you can finish the look with makeup for a seamless transition. It has adjustable ear loops for comfort, and comes with two free filters you can insert in the pocket.

2. Mummy Mask ($8.99)
A mummy costume is perfect for face masks, since you’re meant to be all wrapped up anyway! This mummy mask features little eyes poking out from the black spaces. It’s available in both adult and child sizes, and has a sewn-in nose wire for security.

3. Smiling Happy Cat Mask ($12.99)
I’d honestly wear this when it’s not Halloween, but that’s just me! You can never go wrong with a cute cat costume— pair with a cat eye makeup look for the full effect!

4. Jack Skellington Face Mask ($11.90)
This mask + a black suit = the easiest Jack Skellington costume ever! Just use makeup to create black circles over your eyes and you’re done! Take it up a notch with a bald cap and white face paint if you really want to commit. This mask comes in adult and child sizes, has adjustable ear loops, a nose clip and a filter pocket. The listing states that it comes with one carbon filter, as well!

5. Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Patch Face Mask ($13.50)
If you’re going for a couples costume, or sibling costume, what’s better than adding a Sally to your Jack? This mask features the Sally patch print style true to the character. It’s available in adult and child sizes. (Child size is $11.50)

6. Day of the Dead Face Mask ($10.99)
The Day of the Dead sugar skull makeup has been popular among beauty lovers at Halloween due to the bold colors and creative shapes. This face mask does half the work for you! Seamless, this mask allows you to finish the pattern with makeup around your eyes for a full face effect. It has adjustable ear loops and is available in adult and child sizes. The adult size comes with a filter pocket.

7. Hocus Pocus Face Masks ($11.98)
A Halloween movie classic, who doesn’t love the three kooky witches from Hocus Pocus? Whether you have a favorite Sanderson sister you want to represent, or do a group or sibling costume, these masks give you the key facial features of each character.

8. Jack O Lantern Face Mask ($13)
And finally, for an effortless festive look you can wear all month long, this mask turns half your face into a Jack O Lantern smile. I love the nose detail, which not only amps up the costume element but also reminds you to wear the mask over your nose!

Shop these Halloween face masks:

Are you wearing a Halloween costume with a face mask this year?

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