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7 Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Travel $30 & Under

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June 6, 2018

It’s officially vacation season! Whether you’re going out of town to visit family, to relax on a beach, or explore a new destination, packing for said vacation tends to be the least exciting part of travel. At least for me, I hate trying to think of everything I could possibly need while out of town… especially when it comes to my beauty routine.

One of the biggest questions I ask myself while packing my beauty products is: which eyeshadow palette should I bring with me? Even at home, I’m a one-palette kinda girl. Meaning, I like creating a full look without juggling between products. So especially when I’m traveling, I need something that’s going to deliver multiple looks all in one compact.

If you’re vacationing soon, check out these eyeshadow palettes for travel. They’re my favorite not only for the shade ranges, but also the physical packaging which makes them easy to slip into your makeup bag.

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Going on vacation soon? Here are the best eyeshadow palettes for travel that are compact, versatile and under $30! | Slashed Beauty

1. Covergirl TruNaked Nudes Palette ($9)
You’ve probably heard me talk about this palette several times. It’s my favorite neutral palette at the drugstore, and the one that I recommend to everyone. It’s also incredibly great for travel because the palette is thin and on the smaller side, but with long pans of pigmented shadows. It’s incredibly versatile with both light and dark neutrals for both subtle daytime and sultry nighttime looks. I recently brought it with me to a wedding I was a bridesmaid in, and used it for my eye looks the entire weekend.

2. NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette ($17.99)
If you’re a fan of warmer shades and pops of gold, this palette is perfect for you. Sixteen shades in a square compact that you can trust to stay securely shut. You get a really great balance of mattes and shimmer shades that you can mix and match for endless looks.

3. Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade Palette ($15)
This palette that looks a whole lot like a higher end fave! This 12-shadow palette is very similar to the KVD Shade & Light palette (I mean even the name alludes to the inspiration). With that said, this is a great daily palette that’s easy to use as it’s broken up into three sections of coordinating shades. But don’t feel confined— you can mix and match easily. One thing to note is that this palette is made of all matte shades, which is fine by me (mattes are my favorite) but you may want a little bit more variety in finish.

4. Tarte Maneater Eyeshadow Palette V2 ($30)
I was a huge fan of the original Maneater palette, and often traveled with it as my only eye palette on trips. The tarte shadow formula is so smooth and pigmented, and these shades are bold takes on staple neutrals. The new version contains most of the same shades but with an added black that’s great for deepening the crease or sweeping across your lash line. I’d definitely say that this palette is worth the splurge. While it’s small, the shadows are a dream to work with.

5. Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette in Rose in the Air ($4.99)
For a real bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong with this notorious Wet n Wild 10-pan palette. It leans on the burgundy/rust trend, but what I also love about it is how they’ve organized the shades. The two colors you’d probably hit pan on first are the largest in the palette— genius! This particular palette has also been likened to the color scheme and quality of the ABH Modern Renaissance palette.

6. Sleek Makeup E10 Eyeshadow Palette ($12.99)
Maybe you need a little more color in your routine? This palette from Sleek is the perfect balance of bright bold shades and neutral staples. You get vivid blues and purples, and more delicate pinks. This would be great on vacation when you’re feeling a little more free to experiment with new looks!

7. e.l.f. Mad for Matte Holy Smokes Eyeshadow Palette ($10)
This all-matte palette also incorporates a few pops of color while staying very wearable. You can see my full review of the Mad for Matte Holy Smokes palette and swatches here. Mostly neutral, it features blues and oranges that are very summer-appropriate without being intimidating for those who may not use a lot of color on the regular.

What are your favorite eyeshadow palettes for travel?

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