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6 Summer Shower Favorites: Body, Skin & Hair

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July 15, 2020

Six Summer Shower Favorites | Best Shower Products for Summer | Slashed Beauty

I definitely don’t give enough love to shower products in terms of posting and sharing. They’re sort of the unglamorous part of my beauty routine, but products that I am using the most regularly! So, I wanted to give a shout out to some of my summer shower favorites that I’m loving right now— from body care, to skin care, to hair care.

Best Hydrating Body Wash | Vegan Body Wash | 6 Best Shower Products for Summer | Slashed Beauty

The first thing I do when I hop in the shower is wash my face— especially since I’m typically sweaty after a workout. I just started using the Pixi Clarity Cleanser ($18) and I’m liking it so far! This is part of their new acne-focused line of products aimed at purifying while hydrating. I like that it’s gentle for my combo skin and doesn’t leave me feeling stripped. I haven’t been using it long enough to tell whether or not it’s actually helped with breakouts yet, but it’s certainly not hurting! It has a lot of great ingredients that I’ve used in the past with success though, like glycolic acid, aloe extract, and salicylic acid.

I’m not particularly picky with my body wash, but I love when I find one that makes my shower feel a little more indulgent. Right now, I’m using and loving the Kopari Hydrating Body Wash ($18). I was already a fan of their other natural body care products, and this body wash doesn’t disappoint. It’s made with organic coconut water, sea kelp and organic aloe vera juice and leaves my skin so dang smooth and moisturized. Plus, I love the smell, which is very beachy! it’s sulfate and silicone free, and vegan but be careful– it makes the bottom of the tub very slippery.

Best Vegan Drugstore Shampoo for Dandruff: Derma E Scalp Relief Shampoo | Best Budget Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair: OGX Renewing + Argan Oil | Slashed Beauty

I admit, I switch up my haircare quite a bit, though I do always seek out products that will quench my thirsty, textured hair as well as scalp-friendly products for my dandruff. This combo has been amazing!

I’ve reviewed the Derma E Scalp Relief Shampoo ($10) before in this post, but it’s got a whole new look now! I love these sturdy new bottles that are slightly larger as well (two extra ounces!). This is my favorite dandruff shampoo for regular use, as the other one I use (Neutrogena T-Gel) can be quite drying and harsh. This one is sulfate-free and not only clears the scalp of flakes and dandruff, but soothes itchiness with a cooling sensation.

I’m pretty obsessed with anything that OGX releases, but their Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner ($5.74) has been one that I come back to time after time. It gives my hair intense moisture without weighing it down, and leaves it super smooth and manageable for styling. My hair always feels healthy when I use this, even back when I was color treating it.

Best Detangling Hairbrush for the Shower: Tangle Teezer Ultimate Vented Hairbrush | 6 Best Shower Products for Summer | Slashed Beauty

For brushing my hair in the shower, I started using the Tangle Teezer Ultimate Vented Hairbrush ($16). This helps me detangle and work my conditioner through my thick hair. I would only use this in-shower and with conditioner in the hair, though, because the tines of the brush are very stiff. It’s great to leave in the shower because of its plastic construction, as well. However, I still use the Wet Brush for out-of-shower use, since the bristles are more flexible and delicate.

Best Tool for Body Exfoliation: Daily Concepts Sisal Brush | 6 Best Shower Products for Summer | Slashed Beauty

Finally, I’ve just added the Daily Concepts Sisal Body Brush ($16) to my shower routine for exfoliating. I have been moving more toward tools vs. body scrubs recently, and this one offers a pretty thorough and rigorous exfoliation that’s great for the feet, backs of my legs and my arms. I am also continuing my dry brushing routine out of the shower about once a month, too!

Especially in times like these, I’ve been trying to find pleasure in the small stuff. These products make the routine shower so much better, and their impact lasts long after I step out!

What are your favorite summer shower products?

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  1. Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
    | Reply

    I have been using the Kopari gel wash this week and absolutely loving it. And I agree with you Miranda, the smell is just perfect for summer!


    • Miranda
      | Reply

      Doesn’t it feel luxurious!? I really love their products!!

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