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6 New Fall Nail Shades to Try Today

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October 19, 2016

Switching up your go-to nail shades is one of the easiest ways to incorporate the season’s trendiest colors into your look. Especially when you’re apprehensive about new shades, it’s a nice way to keep them out of the limelight while stepping out of your comfort zone.

OPI just released a ton of new fall nail polish shades in their Washington D.C. Nail Lacquer Collection that I’m absolutely head over heels for, and have actually been wearing since they landed at my doorstep. Some of the colors are a little outside the box in terms of my usual choices, but they’re perfect for fall so they’re here to stay! Here are a few nail color ideas inspired by the line that you should definitely scout for your next mani.

1. Pale Beige

This is definitely the most tame of the shades, but super chic and timeless. Pale to the Chief gives a clean look and will match literally anything, which is why it’s been my most-worn shade of the bunch.

2. Burnt Orange

I can’t get over how funny the name of this shade is… Yank My Doodle is very fall appropriate. It reminds me of falling leaves and pumpkin flavored everything!

3. Jade Green

Stay Off the Lawn!! is surprisingly versatile! It’s a bit muted so it doesn’t make too loud of a statement while still adding color to your look.

4. Plum Brown

OPI says that Squeaker of the House is a chocolate brown, but there are definitely some purple undertones here. To me, it comes off as more of a plummy brown that’s neutral yet still eye-catching.

5. Sea Blue

Blues are one of my favorite nail shades in general, and CIA = Color Is Awesome is no exception. It also matches almost everything, just like a good pair of jeans.

6. Wine-y Magenta

Another favorite in the bunch, Kerry Blossom is a beautiful punchy purple shade with a hint of magenta when it catches the right light.

You can find these shades for $10 each at Ulta Beauty. Don’t forget to pin your favorite shade of the bunch!

What is your favorite fall nail shade?

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