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6 Makeup Hacks using Nude Eyeliner

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January 24, 2017

Nude eyeliner is an essential in any makeup collection. It’s so versatile and can help really elevate your makeup look. You don’t have to spend a lot on one— I use the Wet n Wild ColorIcon Kohl Eyeliner in Calling Your Buff , which I picked up at CVS for a dollar! As cheap as it is, it’s helped me clean up my makeup application for a more put together and clean look.

Watch the video above to see these hacks in action, or keep reading for a quick run down!

Check out these makeup hacks you can do with a nude eyeliner to boost your makeup game! | Slashed Beauty

First of all, I recommend an actual nude pencil liner (not a retractable liner) because you can sanitize it by quickly sharpening it. This is important when you’re using the liner for more than just your eyes, so you can avoid cross contamination.

1. Fleek Your Brows

Check out these makeup hacks you can do with a nude eyeliner to boost your makeup game! | Slashed BeautyUse the nude eyeliner right under your brow after filling it in to create a crisp line, making your brows look more defined. I find the liner to be more convenient for cleaning up brows than concealer, and it can still camouflage small stray hairs while keeping them in place with a pseudo-wax effect. I also use it to shape my arch when evening my brows out.

2. Brighten Your Eyes

A well known beauty hack to get brighter and bigger looking eyes is to use white eyeliner on the bottom water line. But, this can tend to look very harsh and unnatural. Using nude eyeliner is a great way to achieve the same result with a more subtle effect.

3. Get Even with Your Eyeliner

Check out these makeup hacks you can do with a nude eyeliner to boost your makeup game! | Slashed BeautyAre you ever having an awesome eyeliner day, but you notice your wings aren’t even? THE WORST, right? Then, when you try to even them out with black liner, you often end up with panda eyes or wings WAY thicker than you wanted. Using a nude eyeliner is like having a makeup eraser to help shape and clean up your liner to get both sides even! Swipe it along the bottom of your wing and use an angled brush to blend and “erase” any mistakes.

4. Highlight the Nose

Lately, I’ve been reserving the shimmery glow for my cheeks, and want something a little more natural when I’m contouring and highlighting my nose. A nude liner is perfect for this, as it helps actually helps to shape your nose as it looks more natural.

5. Cut Your Contour

Check out these makeup hacks you can do with a nude eyeliner to boost your makeup game! | Slashed BeautyWhen I want a dramatic contour, I like having it more defined at the bottom for a statement effect. To achieve this, I draw a line where I want the contour to end (usually right below the hollow of my cheek), then blend out using a flat foundation brush.

6. For Overdrawing the Lips

If you’re planning on overdrawing your lips, using a nude eyeliner is a great way to plan out your shape. It doesn’t stain, so you can start over if you don’t like how it looks, and it matches any lipstick shade! You can also use it to clean up any smudges and get a more defined lip line once you’ve put the color on.


Do you know any other makeup hacks you can do with a nude liner?

6 Responses

  1. Katja Latva-Karjanmaa
    | Reply

    Great article! i have tried to get my brows looking natural but well shaped and it always seemed to go wrong. With your tips it was easy and my brows looked neat for the very first time in months. Thanks a lot! Make these articles more, please <3

    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      That makes me so happy to hear, Katja! Have you also seen my brow tutorial on YouTube? Perhaps that could offer some tips as well. Thank you for your support!

  2. Sarah
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing the trick or making the eyes look bright and bigger with the eyeliner, I will surely try it.
    Can you please share the trick of making the nose look smaller with contouring?

    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      That sounds like it would make a great instagram video– be sure to follow me and I’ll try to get it done!

  3. Lora
    | Reply

    Great article! I love all of your tips, especially for cleaning up eyeliner and neatening up brows.

    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      Thanks for reading, Lora!

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