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5 Tasks to Help You Out of a Wedding Planning Lull

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May 30, 2017

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Am I the only one sadistic enough to set up a wedding countdown on their computer? As I see the days tick off, I get more excited… and nervous. As a massive planner, I find myself feeling very guilty that I haven’t been doing much wedding planning recently. I guess you can say that I’ve hit my wedding planning lull. We’ve nailed down most of the biggest decisions to make, and now we’re sort of biding our time until we get closer and start dealing with the smaller stuff like decor.

If you’re like me, a wedding planning lull can be more stressful than when you have a full to-do list to tackle. If you’re unsure what you could be doing to help make progress during slow times, check out these easy tasks that will make you feel productive and get you one step closer to the best day of your life!

1. Buy & Break In Your Shoes

So you’ve gotten your dress, and you have a little time before you start your fittings. Now’s the perfect time to buy your bridal shoes. You’ll need them in order to tailor your dress accurately— especially if you’re adjusting the hem. I’ve been trying to break this pair of Badgley Mischka Thelmas in. I took one look at them and knew they were the ones— I love the metallic suede t-strap style and the ornate stones down the front. They’re a little higher than the heels I’m used to wearing, so I’ve been wearing them around the house to help get accustomed to walking in them so they’ll be more comfortable on my wedding day.

I’m also breaking in my new pair of Hunts from the Jewel by Badgley Mischka line. These are a bit more casual with a wedge heel, so I’m planning on wearing them during other wedding events such as my bridal shower, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner. They also have the metallic vibe going on, which I love.

2. Choose Your Wedding Night Lingerie

Many argue that what you’re wearing underneath the wedding dress is as important as the dress itself! This is also a good opportunity to work in some wedding traditions— such as your need to wear “something blue.” I thought this Cross-Dyed Low Rise Thong from Hanky Panky was the perfect choice! It’s incredibly comfortable with its V-front and V-back design, so I know I’ll be set for the whole night. The gorgeous lace is a nice touch, and you don’t get any visible panty line. The light blue color is classically bridal. Check it out on their website, and use code BBOXX17 for free shipping on all contiguous U.S. orders!

3. Design Your Invitations

Once you’ve got all the specifics in place about your wedding, it’s time to create your invitations! Details that appear on the invitations include your names, the wedding date, the wedding venue, what time the ceremony starts, as well as reception and room block/travel information. For destination weddings, invites should be sent 6-3 months in advance. For local weddings, you can send them about two months in advance.

Your invites will be your guests’ first impression of your big day. You may want it to portray a specific theme and go all out with luxury, or keep it classically simple with elegant invitations. Whatever your aesthetic, check out the William Arthur Wedding Collection from Crane Stationery. A great thing about Crane is that you can find a retailer near you to explore customization options in full and see the options up close. They also have a discount code to use for 20% off your online order using WABRIDAL20 at checkout.

4. Streamline Your Wedding Beauty Routine

Leading up to your wedding, start playing around with your routine to find out what products perform the best on you. You want to look nothing short of radiant, and it’s ideal to give your skin some time to get used to any new products being used.

I’m currently testing out:

Algenist Makeup Setting Spray: This is a skin serum and setting mist wrapped up into one convenient bottle— and the less bottles I have to juggle on my wedding day, the better! It offers intense hydration with its mineral-enriched sea water and sea fruit extract, giving me a glowy complexion. The unique formula creates a protective and seamless layer to help seal in the hydration and set your makeup for long-lasting wear. I’m hoping this will give me a radiant appearance, since Fall weather really messes with my skin! You can grab this for 15% off with code BABBLEBOX15 online until 6/30/17.

European Wax Center Renew Me Restoring Serum: I’ve been using this serum at night time to help combat dry skin, redness and irritation. The antioxidant blend helps protect against environmental stress while calming the skin. Especially since I just moved to the desert, I’ve needed all the moisture I can get!

European Wax Center Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Serum: Ingrown hairs can be unsightly and painful. This serum is great for preventing bumps as well as comfort the skin with the antioxidant blend and Amazonian berry extracts. You can also use it to treat existing breakouts.

During a wedding planning lull, you can also be proactive about booking your beauty treatments. Before my big day, I’m planning on heading into my local European Wax Center for a leg wax so I don’t have to worry about stubble. You can pamper with European Wax Center, too— use the code MIRANDA for 20% off services and $5 off product for you and your bridal party.

5. Add to Your Registry

Shopping for yourself… yep, it’s really a wedding planning to-do item! I’ve already talked about how my wedding registry is on Zola, which makes it easy to combine a traditional registry with a cash fund registry.

Since Adam and I have lived together for almost 5 years, we have almost everything a normal registry would list. So on top of luxury items on our wishlist, we’re mostly offering cash fund options for our guests to contribute to… like our grown-up furniture fund and house cleaning services. One of my favorite parts about Zola thus far is the mobile app, which makes it easy to add things as we think of them on-the-go.

Have you finished even these easy tasks? Then trust me: enjoy the break as they’re few and far between in wedding planning.

Did you hit a wedding planning lull? How did you get out of it?

9 Responses

  1. sayhellonature
    | Reply

    Such a great list! I wish I would have done more with my makeup for my wedding beforehand. We got married in Jamaica so the stuff I applied at home didn’t do me any justice for the warmer climate!

  2. MarciaF
    | Reply

    You are the most organized bride I’ve heard of. You’ve got some great tips – especially the shoes!

  3. Cindy Ingalls
    | Reply

    Your wedding shoes are gorgeous!!!

  4. Jaelan Mincey
    | Reply

    Ah. I do miss planning my wedding. These are some of the best parts, too!

  5. betzycuellar
    | Reply

    I am so excited for you! & Truly love how well prepared you are.

  6. Jessica Holoka
    | Reply

    I’m definitely the type of person who plans everything, but gets overwhelmed very quickly. We had a small City Hall wedding, but there was still so much planning to be done! I definitely remember hitting a lull and leaving a few things to the last minute. Now that we’re almost five years into marriage, there are a few things I had wish I’d done earlier – like work on my wedding webpage a lot more! Congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

  7. NeverSayDieBeauty
    | Reply

    Great tips! I especially love your idea about buying your shoes early and breaking them in. Most brides end up barefoot immediately after the ceremony

  8. kissmytulle
    | Reply

    Those Hanky Panky thongs are the best! So comfy and cute.

  9. Judy
    | Reply

    I hated wedding planning, for the most part, and took on a lot of DIY (flowers, my brooch bouquet, centerpieces, card box etc) so when there was a lull I was thrilled lol. I didn’t DIdnt think ahead more than a month or so on bachelorette/bridal Shower clothes. My bridal shower wasn’t a surprise so I constantly dressed nice, no particular outfit lol

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