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5-Step Easy Fox Eye Makeup Tutorial

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May 20, 2020

If you’re in tune with the beauty community, then you’ve probably been bombarded with the fox eye makeup trend online. Made popular by Bella Hadid, Megan Fox and Kendall Jenner, the fox eye look is all about manipulating your eye shape for a lifted look, emphasizing the outer corners for a sultry effect. Overall, you almost get an end result similar to that of a subtle face lift, but all with makeup!

Keep scrolling for tips and a quick tutorial on how to create an easy fox eye makeup look. This is an adapted tutorial inspired by this video.

5-Step Easy Fox Eye Makeup Tutorial | Slashed Beauty

Step 1

Starting with a brown eyeshadow shade on an angled liner brush, create a line starting at the lash line, slightly inward from your outer corner. Move upward at a 45 degree angle toward the tail of your eyebrow. You want the line to taper at the end.

Step 2

Slightly blend the edges of the line while still maintaining the overall shape.

Step 3

Using a black eyeshadow shade, apply a smaller and thinner line right on top of the brown.

Step 4

Blend at the edges of the black line for a smooth transition from the black shade to the brown shade.

Step 5

Either use a mascara that will flare your outer lashes, like the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, or use false lashes only on the outer portion of your eyes.

Optional Steps

To really boost the upturned shape this technique will give your eyes, you can also add a slight point to your inner corner, and sharpen the edge of your liner by cleaning up with concealer along the bottom.

Products I Used:

Shadow: Karity 21 Shadow in Matte Palette
Lashes: Icona Lashes in “Queen of Hearts” (trimmed to outer portion only)
Angled Brush: Practk Liner Brush
Blending Brush: Morphe M506 Mini Blender Brush

Fox Eye Makeup Trend | 5-Step Easy Fox Eye Makeup Tutorial | Slashed Beauty

Extra Tips

When it comes to the fox eye makeup trend, you want to keep the inner portion of your eye as minimal as possible. If you’re wearing an eyeshadow look with your fox eye, be sure to use lighter shades toward the inner corner.

Your brow shape can also help emphasize the fox eye shape. Higher arches will contribute to the lifted effect, but don’t feel too much pressure to change up your brows just for this trend.

Are you on board with the fox eye makeup trend?

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    I love this look on you! That red lip is gorgeous, too.

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