5 Must-Know Wedding Day Period Tips

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My best guess is that you’re reading this blog post after realizing you may get your period on your wedding day. I’m here to tell you, it’s going to be okay. I knew about five months in advance, thanks to my period tracking app, that I would be getting my period on my wedding day. I was definitely angry about it first, but knew I could handle anything with good planning.

Yes, my period came as expected during the evening and yes, everything turned out totally fine. Now I’m here to pass on my tips to you so that your period doesn’t get in the way of what is sure to be one of the most memorable days of your life.

5 Must-Know Wedding Day Period Tips | Slashed Beauty

1. Expect the Unexpected

Even if your cycle is usually regular to the minute, the stress of your big day may cause your period to show up early or late. If your wedding is within 5 days of your projected period start date, make sure you prep as if you were 100% expecting it to happen.

Should I wear a menstrual cup on my wedding day? | Wedding Day Period Tips | Slashed Beauty

2. Use a Menstrual Cup (But Not For the First Time)

Hopefully you’ve looked into whether or not you’ll be expecting your period on your wedding day a couple months in advance, so you get a chance to get familiar with using a menstrual cup beforehand. Ya’ll know how excited I always get to spread the gospel of the menstrual cup and the story of how it changed my life, but it’s especially superior period care for a wedding where bathroom breaks can be few and far between. Depending on your dress, you may even need help in the bathroom, as I did with my ball gown. Changing tampons or pads with 2+ people in the stall? Messy and unnecessary.

Period on Wedding Day Tips | Best Menstrual Cup for Wedding | Slashed Beauty

A menstrual cup will have you covered for up to 12 hours, so you can rest easy through the night. It’s the best choice when you want to be worry free, especially while dancing away while wearing white on your period. Be sure to test out your cup at least 2-3 periods in advance so you get the hang of insertion and sealing. The first cup I ever used was the Intimina Lily Cup and it’s the one I trusted on my own wedding day. It’s super flexible making for easy insertion and a comfortable fit. The brand also has collapsible, clutch-friendly cups if you’re still expecting your period once the festivities start. If you’re still feeling less than confident, feel free to wear backup protection, but the Lily Cup didn’t let me down, keeping me covered all night hassle-free.

How to handle getting my period on my wedding day | Slashed Beauty

3. Don’t Keep Your Bridesmaids in the Dark

Your girls are there to look out for you. Let them know, or at least clue in your Maid of Honor, so that they can be ready to help if things go awry. They can keep period must-haves on hand for you and also look out for any questionable stains. I also let one of my bridesmaids know where extra undergarments were inside my suite in case of a worst-case scenario.

4. More Water, Less Wine

In the days leading up to your wedding, and especially the night before, be sure you’re staying extra hydrated with increased water intake. This will help lessen the symptoms most likely to put a damper on your day, such as headaches, cramps and bloating. Since alcohol can actually make those symptoms worse, keep consumption in moderation so you don’t start your big day with an even bigger hangover. This is one tip that I wish I followed, because I had a bit too much during the reception and was an absolute mess for our goodbye brunch with family the next morning.

Period on Wedding Day Tips | Best Menstrual Cup for Wedding | Slashed Beauty

5. Stay Two Steps Ahead of Cramps

One of the best tips my gynecologist has ever given me in regards to my period cramps is that pain prevention is more effective than pain relief. Because I get debilitating lying-in-fetal-position cramps, she recommended that I start taking pain relievers a day or two before I expect my period to start. I’m pretty in tune with my body (I recognize the signs of arrival within about 24 hours) and taking something before my cramps even start has kept them way more manageable than trying to lessen them once in full force.

5 Must-Know Wedding Day Period Tips | Slashed Beauty

In the end, the most important thing to remember is not to let having your period on your wedding day ruin the moment. A few small prep steps and a menstrual cup is all that’s needed to ensure you can still enjoy all that you’ve planned, and celebrate your love amongst friends and family.

Have any other wedding day period tips? Share them in the comments!


  1. You are so right.
    Expect the uneexpected.
    So many things you have to keep in mind. Cross my fingers to all brides that the wedding is going to be outstanding.
    Tina wimpernverlängerung

  2. This was a great read for all sort of events! Also Courtneys comment, YES! I mean thats helpful on the daily! Ha!

  3. If you take the pill you can just skip the “placebo” ones and hold off on your period. Most doctors say that’s totally safe and fine to do that for a month.

  4. I think it also helps to make sure one of your friends will be your advocate during the process and help things run smoothly. I did this for my GF Lea for her wedding, basically ran interference for her with her family, kept her relatives from being pushy and made sure that her desires were inforced.

  5. How great that you got to incorporate your wedding pictures in this post. I’m in menopause so I don’t worry about this but I did way back when.

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