5 Foundation Hacks to Fix Common Mistakes

I know I’m not the only one who’s been there: you literally just get started on your makeup routine, and you mess up big time while applying foundation. THE WORST— especially if you feel like it’s not salvageable, and are forced to start over. Instead of wasting product and time, peep these makeup hacks to fix foundation mistakes!

Don't get stuck redoing your makeup-- use these genius foundation hacks to fix common makeup mistakes! | Slashed Beauty


As they say, it’s easier to add than to take away. When you accidentally apply too much, it can be hard to come back from. Instead of blending for days and risking the integrity of the rest of your look, grab a dry blending sponge. Start dabbing around the areas you feel are too heavy with product. The sponge will start soaking up the excess foundation. Then, dampen the sponge and re-blend to get a smooth finish.


I personally like to do my face makeup before my eye makeup. However, this becomes tricky when I want to work with dark or glittery shades that cause fall out. Nothing like shimmery dust or dark streaks to ruin your face, right?

You can use a product like Shadow Shields, which stick onto your face to catch any product that ends up on the tops of your cheeks. Or, what I typically do is lay down a very generous amount of loose finishing powder under the eyes and on the tops of the cheeks. Do the eyes as normal, then sweep away any fallout along with the powder. The best part? You’re doing double duty and baking your face in the process!

Don't get stuck redoing your makeup-- use these genius foundation hacks to fix common makeup mistakes! | Slashed Beauty


If you apply your foundation and it looks cakey or dry, mist your face generously with a setting spray. As the spray dries, you should see the foundation melting into the skin for a better finish. If you don’t see too much of a difference, try spraying and blending lightly at cakey areas with a damp sponge before the spray dries. You can also mix a drop of your favorite moisturizer in with the foundation prior to application to help create a more natural skin finish.


If you feel like your foundation is slipping and sliding over your primer, you might be using the wrong combination. Water-based foundations will have a hard time settling down over a silicone primer. Learn how to tell which products go together in this post.

Don't get stuck redoing your makeup-- use these genius foundation hacks to fix common makeup mistakes! | Slashed Beauty


Probably the most common foundation problem, am I right? First off, I am a huge advocate of getting your butt back to the store and exchanging for a shade that matches. If that’s not an option and you need an immediate fix, here’s how:

Too light? Dust a bronzer powder lightly around the perimeter of the face, blending down onto the neckline to help hide the shade difference. If you also find the foundation too cool or ashy, stick to a warm bronzer to add color.

Too dark? Blend a too-light concealer shade in the middle of the forehead, in large triangles under the eyes, and under the chin. This will help balance the color out so it doesn’t look so glaringly wrong.

You can also use products like shade lightening drops to mix in with the foundation to create a custom hue. They’re available from brands like Hard Candy, The Body Shop and Cover FX.

What are your favorite foundation hacks?


  1. I am over 40 and no matter what I do I am unable to get my foundation to go on like it used to when I was younger. I’ve tried hydrating , moisturizing, priming, setting spray, like everything. Which is confusing, because I didn’t need all that when I was younger. No matter what I do, my foundation looks patchy and separates on my skin. I need help. I don’t have a lot of money, but I need one or two products that are going to help me. I keep buying all this stuff and none of it works. Please help me!

  2. Wow Miranda! I am mid-40’s and have been wearing makeup since I was 14. I am very educated and practiced with makeup do’s and dont’s BUT it never occurred to me that my primer and foundation were made with different bases and THAT is why my makeup only lasts like 2 hours! I thank you immensely for solving my long time dilemma by writing this article! You’re the best!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment– and I’m glad I could offer a new tip that helps you!!

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