5 Daring 2022 Beauty Trends to Try This Year

2022 beauty trend predictions have been circling over the past few months, and I’ve seen a few that have already taken off heading into the new year. The shift in what’s trending is drastically different than what’s been popular, and I’m honestly loving it.

Louder, more creative makeup statements are in, pushing the boundaries of “beauty rules.” Keep reading to discover some of my favorite new beauty trends, and the products I use to get the look.

Close up of eye wearing a gold and blue graphic eyeliner look and eye gems | 5 Daring 2022 Beauty Trends to Try This Year | Slashed Beauty

1. Single Shade Eyeshadow Color Blocking

While multi-toned gradient eyeshadow has had a chokehold on the beauty community for years, colorblocking is where it’s at for 2022. This means using 1-2 colors and creating defined shapes with your shadow, like the winged golden lid that I created above.

Using one shade at a time means a streamlined routine, though creating a sharp edge can be tricky. I suggest using a cream or liquid eyeshadow and a concealer brush. The Kreizi Beauty Eyeshadow Pot in Sunshine paints on easily with a small flat brush like the Morphe M421.

2. Graphic Eyeliner

Similarly, graphic eyeliner has been gaining legs as a more mainstream makeup choice. You can either wear it to compliment a bold eyeshadow look, or make it the focus. Double wings, swoops, exaggerated corners and straight up creative designs are all taking social media by storm.

Above, I used the Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in Bold Cobalt to create angles at the outer edge of my eyeshadow and inner corner of my eye, connecting them by tightlining my lower water line.

Photo 1: Black and nude pink nails with holographic glitter nail accents / Photo 2: Miranda wearing a blue glitter highlight with star and moon shaped particles | 5 Daring 2022 Beauty Trends to Try This Year | Slashed Beauty

3. Glitter Everywhere

I’ll admit it: I love to hate glitter. It can be messy, hard to remove… but oh can it be so downright beautiful. We’ll be seeing it a lot more of it this year, with glitter nails, eyes, and even cheeks rising in popularity.

Rocking glitter on the nails is probably the easiest way to wear the trend. Apply glitter nail polish as an accent nail, or on top of a solid color for some sparkle. For an even bolder choice, use a face glitter like the one in the Wet n Wild Little Twin Stars Complexion Trio on top of your cheek bones as a highlight.

Miranda looking off camera wearing a bejeweled gold and blue eyeshadow look and brown lipstick. | 5 Daring 2022 Beauty Trends to Try This Year | Slashed Beauty

4. Eye & Face Gems

Similarly to glitter, eye and face gems can add a fun accent to your makeup, really elevating it into a more 3D expression. This 9-sheet pack from Amazon includes various self-adhesive gems in different shapes and colors, and you can use eyelash glue to reinforce them on your skin for all day wear.

5. Brown Lipstick

We all love a neutral lipstick that can match anything, but brown lipstick specifically has been making a comeback after being left in the 90s for decades. It doesn’t have to be super dark or grungy, though! The L’Oreal Signature Rouge Lip Color in I Stand is a soft neutral brown that acts more like a lip stain, letting a little bit of your natural lip color show through so that it’s flattering across skin tones.

Which 2022 beauty trends are you excited to wear?

– Miranda


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