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4 Classic MAC Lipsticks to Get You Through Each Season

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February 27, 2017

MAC lipsticks. Growing up, they were the epitome of a makeup holy grail item that you had to have at least a few of. With literally hundreds of shades to choose from, there’s something for every look, mood, and season. Even with years worth of limited edition and celebrity collaboration shades, there are a select few that tend to rise above the rest as instant classics.

These classic MAC lipstick shades never seem to go out of style, and continue to be best sellers as time goes on. My first-and-only lipsticks from the brand definitely fall into this category, and I’d consider each of the four must-haves. If the prospect of new lipstick isn’t enough to make the small splurge, these shades are perfect seasonal go-tos to get you through the year that will make a statement every time you wear them.

Spring Shade: Candy Yum Yum

A bright, nearly neon pink. Candy Yum Yum will turn heads and is for the bold color-seekers for Spring.

Summer Shade: Lady Danger

A hot red that’s surprisingly wearable. Lady Danger is a warm red-orange is made for sunny Summer days, barbecues and fireworks shows.

Fall/Winter Shade: Rebel

A rich berry pink perfect for the festive months. Rebel will bring out your sultry side without going too vampy. It’s daytime appropriate but can bring any look into the night.

Anytime Shade: Snob

A neutral baby pink you can rock anytime! Snob looks great across many skin tones and can either be the statement of your look or compliment a bold eye.

Of course, I’m not huge on following beauty rules myself, so you can absolutely rock these shades whenever they tickle your fancy! But I like knowing that each one serves a seasonal purpose in my collection, and inspire me to venture outside of my typical neutral shade rotation.

If you’re unfamiliar with MAC lipsticks, there is a reason they’ve amassed the hype they have. They glide onto the lips smoothly with opaque color payoff– often in just one swipe. They also have great lasting power. The brighter shades in particular are pigmented enough to stain the lips slightly, and can last up to seven hours on me even after eating with no touch ups. They’re also comfortable (even the matte shades) and are comparatively affordable in the realm of high-end cosmetics. It’s no wonder why they’re kit-favorites of makeup artists and collection pillars for enthusiasts.

You can find MAC lipsticks on their website, or at Nordstrom for $17.

What’s your favorite MAC lipstick shade?

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