The 4 BEST Stores to Buy Clothes Online

As weird as it may seem, I wholeheartedly prefer to shop for clothes online instead of in stores. Seeing racks upon racks of clothing in front of me is much too overwhelming. There’s no way to filter by color, size, style, or price! I mean, I can’t be the only one who automatically sorts by Price: Low to High, right?

However, there are of course the obvious downsides to shopping for clothes online, as well. The biggest one being that you can’t try clothing on before purchasing. However, I truly think that all of the pros outweigh the cons, at least when you shop at the online stores I frequently order from.

Judged by their sales, shipping, and returns, these are the four BEST stores to buy clothes online. | Slashed Beauty

Keep reading for my recommendations the best stores to buy clothes online due to their policies, deals and more (in no particular order)! These stores are where I do the majority of all of my clothes and accessories shopping for every season.


First of all, Old Navy has definitely stepped it up in the style department since I was a kid. Their clothes have gotten way cuter, and the brand has styles for any occasion, whether you’re going for casual day out, work attire, or dinner party! Plus, they have an awesome activewear and lounge selection, too. The main reasons I love shopping Old Navy online is their major discounts. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything full price, as they constantly have sales going on that pop up in my email alerts… anywhere from 20-70% off! Plus, you can get 30% off right off the bat for signing up for their emails which will always keep you in the loop to save money. They also always offer free shipping on orders $50+ if they’re not having a free shipping promotion. The best part? You can return anything you’re not happy with in-store if you need to quickly swap out a size or style, otherwise they offer free returns by mail by providing a pre-paid label.


The internet’s own superstore, Amazon, is another great place to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories. With countless name brands on their “shelves,” you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for. I often find pieces cheaper on Amazon than I do in department stores! They constantly do category-wide sales as well. Amazon is also really easy to deal with in terms of returns offering a prepaid label and quick refunds. Most of their clothing items are eligible for Prime, which will get you free 2-day shipping.

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ASOS is the UK’s biggest online fashion and beauty retailer with a mix of name-brand and store label clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories and more. However, even though they’re across the pond, I shop them often because shipping is only $4, or free when you spend over $40, and returns are always free. On top of that, there are no sales taxes or duties charged. I love that they always have the latest trends, and have a range of styles for any budget. It’s easy to do a wardrobe refresh for less on this site. Plus, they constantly have huge sales which you can be alerted of by signing up for their newsletter.


I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t particularly enjoy shopping F21 in stores, because there’s just so. much. stuff. to look at. Forever 21 online, however, is easy to navigate and has even more style, color and size options than in-store. Also, the site actually seems to be a little more understanding in terms of returns in comparison to in-store (at least in my personal experience). Their site is constantly having online-only deals that you won’t find at the mall, with hundreds of items always marked down. Plus, they have free shipping for orders $50+. You can return items for free by taking them to your local store, sending them by mail will cost you postage, however.

What’s your favorite site to buy clothes online?


  1. Old Navy (and a ton of other stores) offers extended sizing that you don’t usually find in store. For someone like me with very short legs and a petite frame, that can be very helpful. (: ASOS also offers a student discount! I’ve done a little shopping with ASOS, but usually end up returning. (THANK YOU, free returns!) I’m more of a Topshop girl… although, I hear ASOS denim is just as good as Topshop’s and costs a bit less.

  2. “Sort Low To High” is my first rule on just about any website haha!! And Old Navy FTW! I’ve been buying all kinds of clothes there for years and I love them so much. But I too can only shop there online. Walk into a store and I can’t find ONE thing I like/that fits and I get annoyed in .5 seconds. Never knew Amazon had a “fashion” section (a dedicated one anyway), though I’m not at all surprised. How fabulous to learn this after I *finally* recently pulled the trigger and got prime (after probably a dozen trial subscriptions haha!!) I will have to check it out!! Thanks!!

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