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3 Products for Winter Beauty Damage Control

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March 11, 2018

This past week has been pretty hectic. I traveled to Central California to see my mom and to celebrate my birthday early (which is today! Yay!). It was so much fun but the weather was harsh. I hadn’t been back since getting married, and temperatures have drastically changed! It was hovering around freezing most of the time, and we saw snow a couple of days as well. With the space heater running all night, and not being able to bring my current moisturizer due to carry-on limitations, my skin was not having it. My hair was feeling pretty dry too, even only a couple days after deep conditioning.

After traveling into harsh winter weather, check out the three products I've reached for the most often to get glowing skin and healthy hair. | Slashed Beauty

So upon my return, it was time to do some damage control. My skin was parched, and feeling super sensitive. For the week, I’ve switched to exclusively using Pond’s Cold Cream to cleanse, paired with my FOREO LUNA Mini. This thick cream deep cleanses while offering some major hydration. The LUNA’s silicone bristles gently exfoliate the dead skin while working the product into the skin. After a few days, I was seeing a big difference in my dry areas. I resumed using the Olay moisturizer again, which has also been a big help.

For my hair, I needed something that would moisturize, repair, and overall revatalize my locks. I recently tried Mixed Chicks Daily Hair Dress for the first time, and it’s pretty great for my thick, textured hair. A little goes a long way with this stuff. Made with avocado, almond, and safflower oils, my dry hair drank it in quickly. To help bring my hair back to life quickly, I specifically used it as an overnight treatment along with my satin sleeping cap from Grace Eleyae. After working it into the bottom section of my hair, I use what’s left on my hands near my roots to calm flyaways (I only apply a quarter sized amount. Not enough to need rinsing). Sleeping with the cap on helps reduce frizz and keeps the product in my hair– not on my pillowcase. In the morning, I’m ready to style and reveal smooth hair.

After traveling into harsh winter weather, check out the three products I've reached for the most often to get glowing skin and healthy hair. | Slashed Beauty

Finally, I’ve been faking a glow-from-within look using the Spotlight Illuminating Primer from Physicians Formula. It not only prolongs my makeup application, but adds very fine shimmer to the face that translates as a natural glow when applied under foundation. I typically focus it on my cheeks, and keeping it thin in my t-zone (where I get naturally shiny anyway). It adds such a beautiful finish to my makeup that brightens up dull skin in a flash.

Which three beauty products have you reached for the most often this week? Let me know in the comments below! And now for the best blog posts from The Lipstick League.

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