12 Beauty Room Decor & Organization Items from Amazon

Every makeup lover deserves their own beauty room! And even if you don’t have a whole room in a house dedicated to your primping routine, I’m sure you at least have a little corner, vanity, or even a side of the bathroom sink. Whatever your setup may be, it’s always nice to customize your beauty space with a few special touches.

My beauty room is also my office, and I’ve been meaning to dress up the empty walls since we moved in. I was looking on Amazon lately, and I ended up adding so many cute things to my wishlist. I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty room decor and makeup organizers I found on Amazon to really add some personality to your vanity, big or small.

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12 Best Beauty Room Decor & Organization Items from Amazon | Slashed Beauty

1. Faux Fur Rug ($17.99)
Keep it under your desk, drape it over your chair, or use it as an Instagram background for your latest haul! This faux fur rug will add a bit of luxury to your space and texture to the room.

2. Pink Tiffany Office Chair ($77.94)
Like I said, my office doubles as my beauty room and I do my makeup at my desk. This cute office chair has a lot more personality than your typical OfficeMax gear!

3. Winking Lashes Wall Decal ($12.98)
This is probably what I’m going to be putting on my blank walls over my beauty storage. I love wall decals since they’re easy to apply and take off without ruining the walls.

4. Mounted Iron Jewelry Organizer Shelf ($23.90)
All of my jewelry is currently heaped together, tangled up in a box. This organizer shelf will keep necklaces and braceletes organized and display them as part of the room’s aesthetic. I love that there’s a shelf on top for small items like perfume bottles.

5. Naomi Home Mosaic Rose Gold Mirror ($119.99)
A full length mirror is essential for any getting-ready area. This one has some of the highest reviews on Amazon, and I love the rose gold metallic frame!

6. Mounted Nail Polish Wall Rack ($38.99)
If you’re a nail polish junkie, this rack will keep all of your bottles organized and displayed as colorful wall decor. Plus, seeing all the shades at once gives each color a better chance at getting used, instead of getting lost at the bottom of a pile in a drawer.

7. Makeup Quote Wall Art Prints ($15.99)
I love a good pun, especially when it has to do with makeup! These prints add a bit of humor to your beauty room— and you can pick out the frames yourself.

8. Red Lips Pillow ($15.98)
This is a chic throw pillow for your vanity chair, bed or couch! It definitely gives off Hollywood glamour vibes.

9. Audrey Hepburn Wall Art ($19.99)
Speaking of Hollywood glamour, this Audrey Hepburn print channels classic beauty. She’s the smart woman who said one of the best beauty quotes, “Happy girls are the prettiest.”

10. Ceramic Tumbler Cup ($10.99)
Use this tumbler to organize brushes, liquid lipsticks, or hair tools! These cups add a pop of blush pink while being functional and keeping countertops tidy.

11. Lighted Vanity Mirror ($87.99)
The ultimate makeup tool… a good mirror. This lighted makeup mirror is dimmable for customized lighting, and is great for smaller spaces where you can’t fit a full vanity mirror. Ample lighting is essential for great makeup application, and the included LEDs will last you a long time.

12. Square Metal Tissue Box Cover ($15.99)
Dress up even the simplest items, like tissue boxes, to make your beauty space feel more luxurious. This metal tissue box cover turns a mundane essential into a trendy metallic moment!

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