10 Amazon Holiday Gifts for Husbands Who Are Hard to Shop For

I don’t know why people say that women are impossible to shop for… because I never have any trouble picking up fun holiday gifts for my girlfriends. Finding the perfect holiday gift for my husband, on the other hand, is a mission.

Adam is a big fan of practical gifts. Things he’ll get a lot of use out of, something his life is missing that maybe he doesn’t even know he needs yet. Honestly, each year usually ends up with me asking point blank what he wants, and saying, “Okay, let’s go get it.”

If your husband is anything like mine, check out this holiday gift guide for husbands who are hard to shop for! From gadgets to accessories, these ideas are perfect for the guy who’s picky, or doesn’t quite know what he wants. They’re also all available on Amazon.

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1. Cuisinart 4-in-1 Griddler ($59.99)
Grilling season can be year-round with this multi-gadget. It acts as a grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, and half grill/half griddle. He’ll be thinking of new ways to use it every day, and you can sit back and enjoy the deliciousness.

2. Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Set ($55)
I feel like shaving is the bearded man’s equivalent to applying makeup: it’s a personal care ritual perfected over time. Make his even more special with this boar shave set, which gives him everything he needs for an old school shave– just add his favorite razor! The set includes:

  • Badger Brush
  • Brush Stand
  • Soap
  • Soap Bowl

3. JungleTech Handcrafted Wrist Watch ($42.99)
A watch is a practical accessory, and the right style can offer plenty of usability regardless of the occasion. This handcrafted wood watch can be dressed up or down, and is unique enough to be a conversation starter.

4. Amazon Echo Dot ($29.99 for a limited time)
We use our echo dot every single day. For playing music while cooking, while entertaining, for creating reminders and timers… and especially for settling trivia debates. It’s a fun and useful gadget that brings your home into the next generation. Regularly $49.99, it’s currently 40% off!

5. Black Chasm Bath Bomb ($9.95)
My husband loves indulging in bath bombs as much as I do, but the main complaint is that the scents are too feminine. This Black Chasm bath bomb emulates a Men’s Polo cologne, with a sharp and woody dry fragrance. It also turns the water black for a fun and masculine twist on bath time.

6. World’s Hottest Husband T-Shirt ($19.82)
Okay… this one is far from “practical” but it’s adorable and super dad-jokey. Roll it up and put it in his stocking for a fun ego-boost.

7. GoPro Hero5 Session Holiday Bundle ($249)
If your husband has ever mentioned in passing an interest in owning a GoPro, this bundle is a steal! For less than the GoPro costs regularly, you get:

  • GoPro HERO5 Session Camera
  • Headstrap/QuickClip
  • 16GB microSD card

8. Home Theatre Projector ($89.99)
Adam and I love nothing more than an at-home date night. Make it even more special with this home theatre projector, which you can hook up to computers, blue-ray players, or even smartphones! Get the experience of the theater without the overpriced candy and noisy guests.

9. Beard King The Official Beard Bib ($29.99)
I am 100% getting this for Adam because finding small beard trimmings all over the bathroom counter is the bane of my existence!!! This tarp is worn like a bib and sticks onto your mirror, creating a catching net for any trimmings so they don’t end up all over your toiletries!

10. Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray 5 Pack ($24.90)
Poo-Pourri is always on standby in our home… especially when we have guests over! Gift him a travel set for work, the gym, and everywhere in between.

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  1. If I didn’t know better I’d almost wonder if we married the same person lol! My husband is much the same way. This year I got him something similar to #6, only in my case it’s a long sleeve pajama set, with a fun print. It’s both practical and fun. I notice that he has a ton of short sleeve pajama shirts and a sweatshirt, yet nothing in between. This will keep him warm without making him sweat.

    Before that, I got him a personalized travel coffee mug, with a few photos of us on it. He’s a coffee lover like I am so that has come in handy, he uses it all the time (and there are tons of websites out there that perform those services–I used Personalization Mall)

    Just throwing other ideas out there!

    1. Lol I learned my lesson when the first year we had been dating for like a month and I got him a “star”– you know how you can buy someone a constellation and they send a certificate of where it is, etc. He was like… what do I use it for?? LOL

      I love Personalization Mall! We got our groomsman gifts from there!

      1. LOL that’s like me…I didn’t include all the gifts I’ve given that puzzled him! I know other women with the same stories. It’s as if most husbands come with the same gift-giving manual that we should have read in advance!

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