Laser Hair Removal: 1 Month Tria Update

    It’s been a little over a month since I’ve started to use the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x on my legs. I’m hoping to get permanent hair loss results so that I can save the time and money I would have spent on shaving. I wanted to give you an update as far as my progress and how I’m feeling about the laser so far.


    I’ve done a total of three treatments, spaced two weeks apart as directed. During my first treatment. I stayed on level one intensity, and moved up to level two for my second and third. I’m getting more used to the sensation, which still feels mostly warm but with the occasional snap of a rubber band in sensitive areas. It stings more when I have it around my ankle, but I might be ready to advance to level 3 for the next treatment in a couple weeks.


    To do both of my legs (and I’m only doing my knee and below), it takes about 45 minutes. Definitely a time investment but as I mentioned, it only needs to happen once every other week. When I know I’m due for a treatment, I’ll put on some YouTube videos (most likely Jenna and Julien’s podcasts) and just get to it.

    Although, you can’t zone out too much, because it’s important to keep track of the path you’re applying the laser to. You’re only supposed to move the laser over about 1/4 of an inch at a time (overlapping the part you just zapped) so personally I have to keep my eyes on my legs to make sure I’m moving in straight lines and not missing any sections. I find it easiest to work in a serpentine motion, moving up the leg and then back down.


    After my first treatment, I noticed that my hair was growing back a bit more sparsely than before. After my second, even more so. You can see the difference between the two treatments over two weeks in the photo above— there’s much less hair growth on the right as opposed to the visible stubble on the left. I’m very excited to see how much the third go with the laser affects it.

    I’ll be doing another post after my fifth treatment so you can follow along and see if it’s really worth it. Can’t wait!

    You can find the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x at Sephora. It’s a hefty investment, but will hopefully save me a ton of money when I has no leg hairs!



    1. I’ve always said if I ever win the lottery that the first thing I’m doing is getting laser hair removal done on my legs! LOL My hair is thick & dark and I’m pretty fair. Also, I can’t shave everyday because my legs get really itchy and irritated. =/ Sucks! Anyway.. I’ve been interested in trying something like this but the price always gets me! Looks like it works though!

      • Do you have to go in for touch ups? I feel like this might be a more affordable solution! Even though we’re moving into fall, L.A. still has a solid 3 more months of warm weather so I’ll be showing off my legs if this thing keeps working!

    2. I’m so excited about this! I got the Philips Lumea Laser Hair Removal last month (Tria won’t suit skintones beyond NC30, the SA said) and have just done my patch test. Great that these techniques work!


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