What’s In My Bag: Work & School Days

It’s been a while since I’ve “gone to” work or attended school, but I know all about those long haul days. Back when I had a more traditional lifestyle, I would be at work from 9AM – 3PM, then in class from 4PM – 9:45 PM usually without time to stop home. I would have to pack my bag strategically to carry all of my daily essentials and stay prepared for anything.

Although I’ve graduated and now work from home, I wanted to share some of those essentials that kept me organized and well equipped for my long days— what’s in my bag for work and school days (or, what was in my bag) plus newer favorites that I would have definitely packed, had I had them back then.

Click on the picture of the item to find it online, and keep reading for more details!

What's In My Bag: Work & School Days | What to pack in your bag if you spend all day at work and school | Slashed Beauty

1. Dagne Dover Signature Tote ($245)
Dagne Dover makes my all time favorite tote bags. They’re constructed extremely well from strong and structured coated canvas, have a zip closure to keep your belongings secure and a spot for literally everything. You get pockets galore in this stylish bag, so you don’t need to leave anything behind. It comes in various sizes to choose from, with some large enough for laptops. Smaller styles include a crossbody strap. Take a look inside the bag in my full review here.

2. PaperSource Planner ($26-$35)
I’m super picky about planners, so I was surprised that this PaperSource planner that arrived in my FabFitFun box actually fit my needs perfectly. I love vertical style weekly pages for my to-do lists, but the brand has other layouts as well. It’s simple and no-frills inside, but I love the pretty cover.

3. Scrunchies ($5.99 for a Pack of 14)
I always have a scrunchie with me for when I want to get my hair out of my face— whether it’s an unexpected windy day or it just isn’t cooperating. I love these particular scrunchies from Amazon because they’re cute, soft, yet strong enough to hold my thick hair tightly.

4. Physicians Formula Tinted Lip Treatment ($6.84)
I gotta have a lip balm with me at all times, and packing this tinted lip treatment also adds a soft wash of color for more natural no-makeup days.

5. Leef Organics Thrival CBD Extract ($100)
I’ve been turning to CBD to help with headaches and anxiety for the past six months. It really helps during that afternoon throbbing that comes with looking at a screen for hours.

6. Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle ($19.99)
For long days away from home, I always make sure I have a reusable water bottle with me. If it runs out, I can always get it refilled at a coffee shop. The Simple Modern bottles are my favorite, which are lightweight but keep beverages cold (or hot) for hours— even ice stays solid!

7. Anker PowerCore Charger ($27)
You never know when you’ll need to top off your device battery. This is my absolute favorite external charger, the best I’ve ever used. Not only does it charge up my phone all the way from empty about twice, but it also holds the power really well when unused. I can go a few weeks without using it and plug in to find that it still has power to lend!

8. Enacfire Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds ($39.99)
For commutes on public transit, for free time between classes or a quick workout, I always keep earbuds in my bag in case I want to watch YouTube or listen music without disturbing others.

9. Perfume Atomizer ($14.95/month)
I usually keep a fragrance with me in case I forget to apply at home, or to refresh throughout the day. Usually, it’s something from the Scentbox fragrance sampling service. They deliver a 30-day supply of designer fragrance each month in a travel-friendly tube that’s perfect for throwing in your purse.

10. Logitech Slim Combo Keyboard Folio Case for iPad ($129)
I personally stopped using my laptop for class because it was so heavy (I had a 15” in college). I opted for using a tablet with a keyboard case, and this is the best one in my opinion. I like it way better than the Apple Magic Keyboard— I didn’t like the keys on that one, and this one feels more sturdy.

11. Quay Blue Light Blocking Glasses ($55)
Going hand-in-hand with the CBD to keep headaches away, blue light blocking glasses have played a big part in reducing my eye strain and migraines since I spend so much time in front of screens. I use them any time I’m not doing color-correcting work, since they do slightly alter the shade of white you see.

What are your bag essentials for work and school days?


  1. For work, my satchel always has a nude lippie that can go with anything, in addition to the color I’m actually wearing.. unless I dash out of the house without it!

  2. I always have a ton of stuff in my bag. Wallet with checkbook. My phone, a small spiral notepad, a nicer notebook/journal, a couple pens, and a collapsible umbrella (a must in the Pacific NW). Asthma inhalers, allergy eye drops, ibuprofen, dental floss and picks, eos lip balm, and a small hairbrush. Glasses in a hard case and a cleaning cloth. Small zip bag with feminine hygiene items. Tide stain remover pen (I always drop my food on my clothes. Always.) Makeup bag with: My lipstick and eyeliner du jour, a MLBB lipstick (UD Sheer Revolution right now), light-up mirror/magnifier compact, mini brush set, lip brush, extra hair elastics, pencil sharpener, blotting papers, the same e.l.f. powder you have, travel-size black eyeliner, travel-size Urban Decay Ozone lipliner, Blistex medicated balm, e.l.f. makeup remover pen, and fragrance.

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