What’s In My Bag: Work & School Days

If you’re like me, back to school means long daysssss. When I have school, I leave the house at 8:30 in the morning and I’m not home until about 10:15 at night. That means I have to pack my purse strategically so I have all the essentials. Check out what’s in my bag for work and school days to get me through long hours and keep me prepared for anything

What's In My Bag: Work & School Days | Slashed Beauty


Going Clockwise:

1 // Tote Bag: I’ve always been a fan of large tote bag purses because you can fit everything you’ll ever need inside. I love my Michael Kors Signature Tote, which has a place for all my must-haves. It’s the perfect size to fit my electronics and even a book if I need to carry one. Even when I’m not in school, this is my default purse.

2 // iPad & Keyboard Cover: Thank goodness more professors are getting on-board with note-taking on devices. Since all of my products are by Apple, I use the Pages app on my iPad to take my notes and they are automatically synced with the documents on my computer. I keep it in this keyboard cover that makes it easier to type and protects at the same time!

3 // Snacks: Self explanatory 😛

4 // Hair Ties: My hair can be unpredictable, and sometimes I just want to get it out of my face. Either way, keeping ribbon hair ties that won’t tug or give me a headache can save the day.

5 // Portable Charger: Being out all day can drain you… your electronics, that is! I originally got a portable charger for my trip to London, but it has quickly become a purse staple to keep my phone alive, despite using it nonstop.

6 // Pen & Planner: I’m old school in the sense that I need tasks to be written down to prioritize and remember them. I carry a pretty basic weekly planner with me, and never forget my favorite Kate Spade To-Do List Pen, so that I can stay on top of my responsibilities. I also usually write my blog tasks in here as well!

7 // Headphones: Before class starts, I like to catch up on my YouTube subscriptions, or just listen to music while I scarf down some food. I love these LSTN Earbuds that were included in Birchbox Man (they get way cooler stuff than we do)!

8 // Powder: Even my most long wearing foundations will need a bit of help after 12 hours! I keep the e.l.f. Perfect Finish HD Powder to mattify and keep my makeup set throughout the day.

9 // Breath Spray: I don’t know about you, but I hate being able to taste what I’ve eaten all day… and other people don’t want to smell it either! Instead of chewing gum, which I hate having to tuck into folded tissues when it’s out of flavor, I use the CloSYS Breath Spray to instantly freshen my breath so my classmates wont’ avoid me.

10 // Hand Lotion: I am sort of obsessive compulsive about washing my hands, which means they can dry out quickly. My very favorite hand lotion to bring along with me is The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector, which keeps my skin soft the longest.

11 // Nail Clippers: How many time have you been stuck with a broken or chipped nail, and it drives you crazy until the second you get home and clip it? Enough said.

12 // Water Bottle: I always bring my favorite bkr water bottle with me, since it’s often dry in both my office and classrooms. Keeping a cute water bottle with you is a fun way to make sure you stay hydrated!

13 // Neutral Lipstick: Just in case I’m ever running late, I keep a neutral lipstick in my bag to add a quick cherry on top of whatever look I left the house in. Ever since I wore one to the VMAs, I’ve been obsessed with the CoverGirl Outlast Longer + Moisture lipsticks, which seriously last and feel comfortable!

What do you keep in your bag for long days?



  1. I always have a ton of stuff in my bag. Wallet with checkbook. My phone, a small spiral notepad, a nicer notebook/journal, a couple pens, and a collapsible umbrella (a must in the Pacific NW). Asthma inhalers, allergy eye drops, ibuprofen, dental floss and picks, eos lip balm, and a small hairbrush. Glasses in a hard case and a cleaning cloth. Small zip bag with feminine hygiene items. Tide stain remover pen (I always drop my food on my clothes. Always.) Makeup bag with: My lipstick and eyeliner du jour, a MLBB lipstick (UD Sheer Revolution right now), light-up mirror/magnifier compact, mini brush set, lip brush, extra hair elastics, pencil sharpener, blotting papers, the same e.l.f. powder you have, travel-size black eyeliner, travel-size Urban Decay Ozone lipliner, Blistex medicated balm, e.l.f. makeup remover pen, and fragrance.


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