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What to Wear on Your Period During Summer

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June 8, 2017

If you’re anything like me, you probably want to curl up in your PJs with some ice cream when you get your period during summer. It’s hot, I’m uncomfortable, and my normal go-to outfits just aren’t fitting me right. But of course, there are days where we have to brave through and face the world.

It takes a lot of work for me to put together cohesive outfits as it is. When I’m on my period, I’m typically just looking for outfits that fit comfortably and that conceal everything. Until now, that has meant palazzo pants and a tshirt. This summer, though, my social calendar is at an all time high. That means I need to find clothes that not only make me feel confident, but also fit my body as it changes while on my period. After scouring my closet, I put together two outfits that encompass what it means to find my fit during that time of the month.

Keep reading to see what I’m wearing while on my period this summer, and to learn about the Always MyFit sizing system for the ultimate comfort and protection.

The first outfit is all about layering basics. I started out with a thin white camisole tucked into a cotton circle skirt. Since the skirt is high-waisted, it cinches me at my smallest point and all of the bloating in my lower-abdomen is hidden. I also don’t feel restricted at all since the skirt swings out at the hips.

I threw a chambray top over the camisole, which is a bit looser even when tied at the waist. Again, this accentuates my shape while being loose enough on top, giving me more coverage for when I feel self-conscious. I rolled up the sleeves to accommodate for the warmer weather, though layering also gives you the freedom to completely remove it if the temperature rises throughout the day.

My next outfit is a little more conservative for laid-back days when I still want to feel like myself. Again, I’m wearing a very light camisole tucked into some high-waisted, light wash jeans. Since the jeans hit just above my belly button, I’m relieved from worrying about bloating and they don’t dig into where I’m cramping the most.

This lightweight, flowy kimono gives me a ton of coverage and adds color to an otherwise simple look. The kimono is thin enough that I don’t get hot while I’m wearing it, and it gives me the feeling of being in a comfy robe while looking a little more acceptable in public!

You probably didn’t expect short skirts, skinny jeans and light washes, did you? These cute and comfy outfit choices all come with the assumption that you’re using the right type of feminine care so that you’re not worrying about leaks or comfort. Did you know that 60% of women wear the wrong size pad, which is one of the main reasons that 80% of women experience leaks every month? No wonder we’re less motivated to channel our true style while on our period! Always is changing that by introducing their new sizing system called Always My Fit. The new pad sizes are based on both your flow and panty size— because the better a pad fits, the better it protects. They’re the only brand to offer this type of sizing, and I am surprised it wasn’t done sooner. It makes so much sense!

The new pads are sized from 1-5 to determine the best front-to-back coverage for you. Check out the top of the packaging to see the sizing chart. During the day, I’m a size 2 since I wear a size M in panties, and I only wear pads when my flow is light to moderate. I use a size 4 for overnight, which is the perfect fit to give me enough coverage without making me feel like I’m wearing a diaper.

Wearing the right size pad can open up so many doors when it comes to outfits to wear on your period. One size fits all is SO last season. Always made it simple for you to find out your fit with this simple Cosmo style quiz – check it out and let me know what you think!

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What is your go-to outfit to wear on your period?

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  1. You look fab- & I am obsessed with kimonos at the moment!

  2. Lisa Heath
    | Reply

    These are perfect! I’m always looking for ways to hide the bloat without feeling “ugh”

  3. kissmytulle
    | Reply

    I really think this is genius.

  4. Carly Anderson
    | Reply

    I love that skirt outfit!

  5. Kendra
    | Reply

    Love your outfits! Having proper leak protection is so important.

  6. Phyrra
    | Reply

    You look amazing!

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