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Wedding Planning Month 3 + 4: Bouquets, Bridesmaids & Bachelorette Party

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April 27, 2017

In the third month of wedding planning, our forward momentum found itself in a bit of a lull. We’ve had so much going on in our lives outside of the wedding! We made the decision to start looking for a place to settle down outside of Los Angeles. Within 30 days, Adam got transferred to a position in Las Vegas, where we’ll be moving next month. An out of state move from the place we’ve both called home since birth has been super exciting and stressful, so the wedding planning came to a slight stall.

However, things still got done as Month 4 approached, and what important tasks they were!

First of all, we sent out our Save the Dates at the beginning of March, and they were a huge hit. Everyone was so impressed with the foil finish on our stationary from Minted, one of my engaged friends even ended up ordering from them shortly after. I can’t wait to send our invites now.

See what we got done during our third and fourth months of wedding planning. Check out our bridal bouquets and bridesmaids dresses!

One of the decisions we made that I’m most excited about is our floral choices— at least for the bouquets and boutonnieres. It was hurting my heart how expensive flowers were going to cost us for accessories that wouldn’t last more than a few days. After searching online, I remembered a brand called EcoFlower that was featured on Shark Tank. They make eco-friendly alternatives to real flowers made of recycled and sustainable materials. The best part? The bouquets will last forever!

Some of the materials Ecoflower uses include birch wood, recycled fabric, burlap, pine cones, and reclaimed pallet wood. The arrangements don’t look fake at all, and I love the idea of turning my wedding bouquet into home decor as a keepsake. Their prices also rival that of traditional florists— at least the ones we’re using for the rest of our flower needs. The bouquets were cheaper than the real thing by almost $100! WHAT!?

We’re partnering with Ecoflower, who suggested we order their Marsala Bridal Package (pictured above). It features the wine red shade that’s going to be a running theme on our big day. The colors are perfect and I can’t wait to show off my bouquet!

We also took a big step forward in having my bridesmaids try on dresses. I blogged about the whole experience in-depth, which you can check out here. We’re working with Kennedy Blue and used their Bridesmaids Dress At-Home Try On service which made it extremely convenient for everyone to get together and get it done. My out of state bridesmaid was also able to try on the dresses as we got a package shipped to her separately. Be sure to check out the blog post, as there’s a coupon code to use if you want your bridesmaids in Kennedy Blue, too! The girls all made their final dress decisions a couple days after the try on, so I’ll definitely be doing an update when we get them in the mail.

Finally, the rest of this month was dedicated to planning our respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. Adam decided that he and the guys are going to take a cruise, which sounds like a blast. My original plan was to take my girls to Napa Valley to do a wine & dine and spa weekend. However, with the move to Las Vegas, it made the logistics of the trip a little more difficult in terms of flying, driving, etc. So we went back to the drawing board and decided that we’ll be doing a weekend in Palm Springs!

We rented a huge house for the weekend and we’re working hard to plan a fun, exciting yet relaxing time. Some must-dos on my list include spa treatments, clubbing, checking out local speakeasies and perhaps a pole dancing class!

So even amidst packing and saying farewell to the city we’ve always called home, we’re still managing to get stuff done! Next month, we have our food and cake tasting at the venue, which I want to film and share with you all. Be sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel to know about new videos first.

Here’s what we have left:

Hotel Room Blocks
Rehearsal Diner Venue
Night-Of Accommodations
Save the Dates + Invites
Wedding Website
Bridesmaids Dresses
Bachelorette Party
Cake Bakery
Bridal Shower
Party Favors
Photo Booth

What do you think my next step in wedding planning should be?

15 Responses

  1. Donna
    | Reply

    Your pictures are beautiful! I hope you had the most special day ever! I waited until only 3 months in advanced to plan my wedding. Definitely wasn’t the smarted move, but it actually turned out to be absolutely beautiful. I hear the worst stories about catering and how it can be total nightmare, but the catering service http://jenniecooks.com/ did an amazing job. Strongly, recommend them to anyone in the LA area.

  2. Billy
    | Reply

    I love this! Wedding planning is such a time investment and a rewarding process. The pictures you shared are so cute too! Wedding catering is also such a big issue too that I think needs to be handled so early, as there are so many different types of allergies and pickiness that comes with catering. I wonder what the average time frame into the planning process people decide to get that out of the way! Thank you for sharing your story!

    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      Hi Billy,
      I totally agree– we basically chose the basis of our menu when we booked our venue 11 months out from our wedding date. We do the tasting next week though, when we’ll hone in on specifics like sauces and sides etc. Thanks so much for chiming in!

  3. Polarbelle
    | Reply

    wow. The flowers are amazing! And how they match the dresses….so pretty! Your wedding is going to be spectacular

  4. mybeautyjunction
    | Reply

    This is such an exciting time! I love that you can keep your bouquet forever!

  5. Those flowers are AMAZING!!!

  6. Phyrra
    | Reply

    I love the bouquets!

  7. inmyprime50
    | Reply

    I saw the episode with EcoFlowers on Shark Tank and I thought they wee lovely!

  8. MarciaF
    | Reply

    Beautiful bouquets and what a great idea. As someone in the midst of moving I know how time consuming and difficult it can be. I hope you love your new city. It will be exciting I’m sure.

  9. Judy
    | Reply

    Those bouquets are gorgeous! You’re going to have a beautiful wedding!

  10. NeverSayDieBeauty
    | Reply

    Yikes, I can’t believe all that stuff you have to do. Glad you have these great services to help make it easier. Enjoy!

  11. Erika
    | Reply

    Those bouquets are gorgeous and I love that the flowers will last you forever and you can use them as decor, going forward. I should give the husband person a hint, for his next buy me flowers binge. 😀

  12. Caitlin Patricia Fry
    | Reply

    I hope to warn you that you may not receive your Eco Flower order before your wedding… I have been in contact with many brides who have had their orders canceled a month before their big day. I would strongly recommend reconsidering your options.

    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      They’re set to arrive by August so if there’s an issue I will have plenty of time to resolve!

  13. mossifer
    | Reply

    The flowers are gorgeous! I like the fact that no real flowers were hurt in the making of the bouquets.

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