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Tried and True 99 Cent Store Beauty Finds

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September 26, 2013

I am an avid 99 Cent Store shopper. I used to have this stigma against dollar stores… I was afraid all of the products were tainted or something. However once I started college, I found myself stopping by for various things and then soon became a regular. Little did I know that they carry a lot of name brands that I knew I could trust!
Just in case you’re a little wary of trying out some of their products, I’ve compiled a list of things I regularly pick up from the 99 Cent Store- tried and true!

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  • Tried and True 99 Cent Store Beauty FindsNail Polish Remover: My 99 Cent Store carries the Cutex brand which I had been buying for almost $4 per bottle at the drugstore. Same formula and everything. The bottle is just a little smaller. I’ve also tried the Swan brand which works just as well.
  • Cotton Balls: Great for using with nail polish remover!
  • Nail Files: I have absolutely no idea why nail files cost $6 at Rite Aid…Tried and True 99 Cent Store Beauty Finds
  • Body Wash: Specifically the HALSA Sweet Pea + Violet body wash! It’s almost an exact dupe of the Suave Sweet Pea body wash. They also carry small bottles of SoftSoap body wash with exfoliating beads.
  • Shaving Cream: The HALSA shaving cream works fine, it’s a little foamy but you get a huge bottle of it. I recently tried the Envi Gel Shave Cream and it’s a much richer consistency that leaves my legs rather moisturized.
  • Toothbrushes & Toothpaste: They have all of your trusty name brands: Colgate, Aquafresh, and Crest.
  • Loofahs: I actually can’t find loofahs that I like more than the ones at the 99 Cent Store. They are really fluffy and have handles that are made out of the loofah material instead of those common ropes (which usually get dingy quickly).
  • Bobby Pins & Hair Ties: Considering how many bobby pins and hair ties you lose/give away, the 99 Cent Store is the ideal place to restock these hairstyle staples.
  • curlerEyelash Curler: I’ve bought my last 3 eyelash curlers from the dollar store and they last forever. Most of them also come with a replacement cushion when the original one gets dingy with eyeliner.
  • Makeup Sponges: some 99 Cent Stores carry full on Beauty Blender dupes, but I’ve tried the regular triangular sponges that work fine for foundation.
  • Lip Balm: Once again, they carry all the name brands from ChapStick to Blistex.
  • Shower Caps: They are a little small (or maybe I just have a big head) but their shower caps come in packs of 3 and work perfectly.
  • QTips: So multifunctional, and they come in a pack of, like, 1000 that will literally last you 3 years.

And now for my much shorter list of things you definitely should not try from the dollar store (from experience).

  • Deodorant: Some stores carry name brands like Lady Speed Stick, but my local 99 Cent Store only carries off-brands that just don’t last all day.
  • Lotion: All of the lotions I’ve tried have been way too watery.
  • Perfume: They smell very bad. Enough said.
  • Eyeshadow: They just don’t offer enough pigment.

I seriously encourage you to stop by your local dollar store and see what treasures you can find. I’ve also picked up a lot of household items that have worked really well so far (plates, glasses, brooms, hand soap, dish soap, buckets, bowls). Most 99 Cent Stores also carry name brand sodas, candy, soups and chips. Of course I can’t do all of my shopping there (believe me, I would if I could) but there are definitely a few items that I refuse to buy anywhere else now because of the deal.

What goodies have you found in your local dollar store?