The Summer Travel Beauty Essentials I Don’t Unpack

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I’m so excited for this summer, since my husband and I have plans to vacation to Mexico! I’ll also be taking a couple road trips to Los Angeles to see friends in the next couple months. It’s going to be a blast.

I keep these summer travel beauty essentials in my travel bag at all times, so I never forget them on vacation! | Slashed Beauty

Here’s the thing, though. I truly despise packing for trips. It’s my least favorite part of traveling. I get all anxious about forgetting stuff, and then when I think I have everything I freak out about over-packing. But, what do I hate even more? Unpacking. So as a personal little life hack, there are a few essentials that I literally leave inside my travel bag so that they’re always ready to go for my next excursion. I stock up on a bunch of must-haves from the new Walgreens line (formerly known as Well at Walgreens and Studio 35) to keep in my bag because they are super affordable, work really well, and many are in TSA approved sizes for carry-on.

Keep reading to see the summer travel beauty essentials that I don’t unpack after trips.

Sun Care

Regardless of the season, sun care is extremely important. As soon as I reached my mid-twenties this year, I started to notice mild signs of sun effects on my body. So, I’m buckling down and getting more serious about it.

I keep these summer travel beauty essentials in my travel bag at all times, so I never forget them on vacation! | Slashed Beauty

Because I’m acne prone, I need to be careful about what sunscreen I use on my face. The new Walgreens Clear Complexion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 has been my jam for pool days and is staying in my travel bag for vacation! It’s oil-free and won’t clog pores with its ultra-light formula. It’s also water resistant up to 80 minutes! It sinks into my skin super quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy feeling or heavy scent. It basically dries down to a natural matte so you can put makeup over it if you want, as well. It reminds me of similar face sunscreens I’ve tried from well known brands, but at half the price.

Fun fact: using after sun gel isn’t only for when you get burned. Even if you’re using sunscreen, keeping your skin hydrated is vital to its health when you’ve been in the sun. So, I keep the Walgreens After Sun Gel in my travel bag so that my skin can get the TLC it needs after a day catching rays. It helps replenish the moisture that was lost after sun exposure, getting it nice and soft. And of course, it definitely comes in handy if I get a little too red by accident.

Facial Wipes

I keep these summer travel beauty essentials in my travel bag at all times, so I never forget them on vacation! | Slashed Beauty

I always keep a pack of face wipes in my bag, because I never want to forget them. I’ve left them at home far too many times, being stuck having to spend time hunting some down and over-paying at a tourist trap convenience store. Not only are facial wipes great for removing makeup, but they make a great quick-cleanse after plane rides or pool time. I’ve particularly been packing the Walgreens Exfoliate Facial Wipes, which add a little extra skin care to the mix with the beaded texture of the cloth. The green tea & cucumber extract help soothe the skin which will feel great after a day of either adventuring, or relaxing by the beach.

Nail Care

I keep these summer travel beauty essentials in my travel bag at all times, so I never forget them on vacation! | Slashed Beauty

These are again, products that I’ve forgotten many a time on vacation and woefully regretted it. Nail care might not be at the top of your mind when packing on vacation, but as soon as you break a nail you’ll be a wreck. I always at least pack clippers and nail polish remover so I’m prepared for any breaks or chips. Usually, I’ll go on vacation starting out with nail polish but will wipe them bare by the time the trip ends so that they all stay looking uniform if a few start chipping badly. The easiest way to pack nail polish remover has been in wipe form— I like the Walgreens Nail Polish Remover Pads which are made of extra thick felt. You can get all 10 nails in one wipe because they’re textured and super saturated. They take up way less space than a bottle and you don’t have to worry about leaking.

Cotton Swabs & Rounds

I keep these summer travel beauty essentials in my travel bag at all times, so I never forget them on vacation! | Slashed Beauty

Multi-purpose cotton products like cotton swabs and cotton rounds are staples in my beauty routine both at home and while traveling. I use swabs for my makeup routine and for cleaning my ears after showering or the pool. I use 2-3 cotton rounds a day with products like micellar water and toner, so I always make sure I have a ton on hand. I hate spending more than a few dollars on these types of products, which is why the Walgreens products are awesome. They’re budget-friendly and both made of 100% pure cotton.

Keeping these beauty products in my travel bag at all times make me feel a little less stressed when packing. They’re used on every single trip I go on, so it’s nice to know I can never forget them… I just have to remember to re-stock when I run low!

If you need to grab your own summer travel essentials this summer, check out Walgreens first, because they’re having a ton of great promotions to keep you vacation-ready:

  • Suncare: BOGO 50% off in May, June and July
  • Skin Care: Buy 2, Get 3rd Free in June
  • Razors: BOGO 50% off in August

Do you keep anything in your bag for all your trips?


  1. Those exfoliating wipes sound like a great addition to my bag. I usually have tweezers, brow gel, mascara, highlighter and chapstick. That’s about it!

  2. Great list! I am traveling next month so glad to see so many goods I can pick up before hand. Really interested in the exfoliating wipes!

  3. Like you, I leave a travel bag with some basics that won’t go back within a year. I love to check out the sample sizes at Walgreens.

  4. Nice to see they have so many store brand options! I know I actually love Target Store brand things!

  5. Oh Walgreens has so many new products! That clear complexion product looks really great, I need to take that on my next vacation!

  6. Those Walgreens Exfoliate Facial Wipes sound so nice! Also, kind of had no idea that nail polish remover wipes like that existed!

  7. I’ve already been on two trips in June and have two more in June (so busy!) facial wipes are always a must!

  8. After my last trip I left several items in my large cosmetic bags since I hate forgetting anything. If I’m near a Walgreens that would be okay but when I didn’t bring enough cotton swabs and cotton pads and I was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that was a big mistake. I like picking up the store brands since they are affordable.

  9. I take a lot of these types of product types with me although I need to try out these from Walgreens! One of my other MUST HAVES in my travel bag is a pair of tweezers. Somehow mine fell out of my travel bag before a trip (pretty sure little hands played a role in that) and it was awful when a few eyebrow hairs came in and needed to be plucked! After that experience, it is the first thing I check now when getting my stuff together to travel!

    1. That’s a great suggestion, Jen! I’ve definitely been caught on vaca without brow grooming tools which is the worst!

  10. Disposables like cotton rounds and cotton swabs are a must for me. I also like the idea of those nail polish remover pads since it’s so much easier than a big bottle

  11. I’m a huge Walgreens fan (they have been very pro-military in our town) so I do a lot of my beauty drugstore shopping there. I didn’t know they had their own line of “after sun” products – that’s my favorite! I’m going to stop by tomorrow!

  12. I love the idea of polish removing wipes. I’ve yet to try them but I keep meaning to pick up a few for my purse.

  13. I didn’t know that Walgreens had so many private label beauty products. I’ll check them out next visit to the store

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