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Why My Skin Loves Nubian Heritage + Shower Skin Care Tips

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March 28, 2017

You all know that I love switching up my routines now and again… well, I’m sort of forced to as a blogger. So you know it really means something when I come back to a product or brand again and again.

Believe it or not, I discovered Nubian Heritage around the end of June last year, and totally fell for their bath and body products. In between testing out other things, I always had a couple of their lotions or creams hanging around… hand cream on the coffee table, body wash in my shower caddy. It may have taken me a while to get around to sharing them with you, but better late than never!

I’m personally in love with their Coconut & Papaya Polishing & Renewing collection. It all started with the body wash and lotion, and once I found out their products are available at Ulta Beauty, the hoarding went from there. I wanted to share with you what I’m currently using in my routine, plus more tips on how to make your shower time more skin-friendly!

One of the more recent discoveries is their bar soap. Now, this ain’t your ordinary bar soap, people. This soap not only cleanses but also intensely hydrates while gently exfoliating the skin. A three-in-one product? You had me at hello. The Coconut & Papaya Polishing & Renewing Bar Soap contains a blend of rich, tropical ingredients with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to nourish the skin. The organic shea butter and coconut oil naturally cleanse and rehydrate the skin and the papaya enzymes gently exfoliate. Sometimes my skin is just too irritated for a grainy scrub, so this is perfect to renew it with some TLC. Adding this to your shower routine cuts down on time and products without sacrificing any of the skin care, plus it feels so rich and creamy once it’s lathered up.

I never skip moisturizing after a shower. Even on days where I’m freezing and just want to jump straight into my sweats, I always hold out because it’s important to lock that moisture and goodness in. The Coconut & Papaya Body Lotion was one of the first products I tried last summer, and it was perfection. It’s super lightweight but still packs a punch when it comes to moisture. It has all the same benefits as the bar soap, while also soothing the skin with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Since the sweet and tangy scent doesn’t really linger with the bar soap, the lotion helps it stick a little while longer because I love it. It’s equal parts relaxing and energizing.

While I use the body lotion about once a day between showers, I also always keep the hand cream, from the same line, in my purse. It’s a generous tube with the same lightweight hydrating formula. My hands are always the first things to get super dry, especially when the weather’s wacky, so this helps them stay smooth and supple.

Check out my latest obsessions from Nubian Heritage that I've incorporated into my shower routine. Plus, get skin care tips you can use in the shower!

While I am a sucker for the Coconut & Papaya line, they have a ton of other lines like Patchouli & Buriti or Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver. I love using these products to enhance my skin care during and after my shower routine because they truly feel luxurious while being affordable and just a trip away to your local Ulta Beauty or Ulta.com. On top of that, there are Ibotta coupons below for easy savings! You can get:

  • $1 off Any Bar Soap
  • $2 off Any Nubian Heritage Product (besides the Bar Soap & Travel Size items)
  • $3 off Bath Bombs and Infused Butters

Click here to grab the coupons.

Hw do you take care of your skin in the shower? Join the conversation on social media using #NHBalancedBeauty & @NubianHeritage!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nubian Heritage. All opinions are entirely my own.

10 Responses

  1. This scent sounds perfect!

  2. Leelo
    | Reply

    I’m usually not into bar soaps because they make my skin soooo dry, but I might try this one.

  3. Erika
    | Reply

    These products sound wonderful. I am forever on the hunt for hydrating shower products. I am a fan of body oil right out of the shower and of course followed up with a rich lotion or body butter to seal it all in.

  4. inmyprime50
    | Reply

    These sound so luxe! Coconut and Papaya sounds delish!

  5. Laura Gallaway
    | Reply

    I really enjoyed your tips! I need to turn my heat down O_O

  6. Norah Salazar (@norah_s)
    | Reply

    This line sounds absolutely divine!

  7. NeverSayDieBeauty
    | Reply

    Oh I know I would love this collection! Coconut & papaya, yes please!

  8. glamorable
    | Reply

    My skin loves their products, too! I bought a couple things from Coconut & Papaya line, and they smell absolutely heavenly.

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