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Short Cut for Thick Hair & Le Salon at Sofitel

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December 23, 2015

A couple weeks ago, I finally bit the bullet and got my hair cut. I hadn’t been to the salon in probably about a year, and was itching for a small change. I’m still in search of my forever stylist, or at least someone who knows how to deal with my unruly waves. Once I was introduced to Angela at Le Salon, the salon at Sofitel Hotel Los Angeles, I knew I could trust her.

Le Salon only opened a year ago, but they already have the atmosphere of an upscale and established salon. It’s small with only three chairs, but that only makes it seem more intimate— like a good friend is doing your hair. All of the stylists are experienced and make you feel important, listening to exactly what you want out of your appointment.


I knew I wanted to go shorter, but was nervous to go for it since I have thick hair. Usually with my mane, the shorter I go the poofier it becomes. I asked Angela if we could go with something that will work against the volume, something I usually ask of all my stylists. She was the first one to recommend that I work with my natural volume for a look that’s easy to style naturally. I was all in, albeit a little anxious, but had a good feeling that she knew her stuff.


Well, Angela worked pure magic and I came out with an awesome hairstyle that I am still obsessed with. She recommended that because I wanted to go shorter, to angle the cut keeping it a little longer in front so that the shape would frame my face better. In other words, the style would naturally dip down instead of poofing out at the sides of my head.

twists before diffusing

She also showed me how to get more defined curls using a diffuser on my blowdryer. This is an attachment specifically for maintaining curls and reducing frizz while drying. While I already had been using one at home, she demonstrated how creating twists in my hair with my fingers before diffusing creates a more neat and defined look that takes advantage of my natural volume.

She only helped a few strands on top with a curling iron, and my ‘do was done. I’m considering it a curly lob, and it’s so low maintenance. It doesn’t take much to get it to look fun and bouncy, and allows me to keep my hair natural while still looking “done”.

I loved my entire experience at Le Salon, and can’t wait to return when I want another change!

When’s the last time you switched up your style?

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  1. Rachel Runyan
    | Reply

    Love it! You look gorgeous. Isn’t it amazing how a new cut just opens up the whole face? I’m so jealous of your naturally wavy hair. I’d give anything for mine not to be stubbornly stick straight. (The only thing I did to my hair in my current profile picture is comb it. That’s how straight it is.)

    • Miranda | SlashedBeauty.com
      | Reply

      Thanks Rachel! Oh, there was once a time where I would kill for naturally straight hair. I murdered my hair during middle and high school by flat ironing it every day. Eventually I’m like… enough of this!! Lol. Merry Christmas!

      • Rachel Runyan
        | Reply

        Merry Christmas to you, too! <3

  2. Kemi
    | Reply

    She did a fabulous Job on your hair. My hair isnt wavy like yours ( it’s more like a lions mane with a few curls ) but I understand why you’d be nervous! Your hair has beautiful volume. Last time I cut my hair that short was a couple years ago haha It’ll be a while before I do that again, but the way she cut your hair is absolutely gorgeous

    • Miranda | SlashedBeauty.com
      | Reply

      Thanks so much, Kemi! Yeah the before pictures is with most of my curls brushed out. Mine’s like a lion’s mane too straight out of the shower 🙂 I had definitely been traumatized from past cuts that went bad. Finding a stylist you trust is EVERYTHING with hair like ours. Thanks for visiting and commenting 😀

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