The Best of Shop Miss A & AOA Studio Makeup

Have you heard of Shop Miss A? It’s an online shop with amazing deals on makeup, skin care, hair care and accessories from budget beauty brands. However, they’ve become most well known for their own in-house brand, AOA Studio, which has some real beauty gems— many of them costing only $2 or less!

As they become more popular, I’m constantly asked what’s the best Shop Miss A makeup to buy— and I’ll admit it can be hit or miss. But after exploring their products for almost three years now, I’ve narrowed down my favorites that are definitely worth trying.

Keep scrolling to discover the best Shop Miss A makeup and beauty tools that have become favorites in my routine! Click the photo of the product to find it online.

Best Makeup from Shop Miss A | AOA Studio Makeup Review | Slashed Beauty

1. AOA Paw Paw 3D Faux Mink Lashes ($1.55)
These are hands down my favorite falsies to wear. Despite being made of vegan and cruelty free synthetic fibers, they’re thick and fluffy for a glamorous flutter. They have a ton of different styles, from dramatic to a more natural boost. They’re handmade, comfortable, and have a thick band that lets you reuse them several times. Plus, as part of the brand’s Paw Paw collection, part of the proceeds go toward charity organizations focused on protecting animals.

2. AOA A+ Super Lash Glue ($1.88)
What do you need with your new lashes? Some reliable lash glue, of course! This little tube packs a punch, and completely took the place of the DUO Brush On Lash Glue that I had been loyal to for years. It has a brush wand for precise application, and comes in both translucent and black. I’ve never had any issues with corners popping up or lashes becoming loose when using this glue— it’s waterproof, latex-free, odor free and cruelty free!

3. AOA Wonder Blender ($1)
Another item that has ranked better than any other sponges in my routine, the Wonder Blender is the best blending sponge you can buy, in my opinion, and especially for the price. It’s much softer and bouncier than even the original beautyblender, and applies liquid and cream makeup beautifully. I prefer the black and beige shades which hide stains well, but it is also available in a Pink color as part of the Paw Paw charity edition— a pack of 6 is $8.85.

4. AOA Hush Cream Blush ($1)
I love cream blush to create a more glow and one-with-your-skin wash of color. The AOA Hush Cream blush is super silky and lightweight, blending out easily for a seamless wash of color. You can build it up for more pigment if you want, as well. The only downside to these is that the packaging is TINY— but a little goes a long way. They’re available in a ton of colors for any season.

5. AOA Wisp Color Mascara ($1)
I recently tried this mascara for the first time in a recent YouTube video, and I was impressed to say the least. It’s supposed to offer a more natural and wispy lash look, so I didn’t think it would enhance my eyes enough for my liking— but I was wrong! It still ads a ton of length and natural-looking volume, so it really looks like I just have killer lashes on my own! It’s also available in fun colors like blue and green, as well as natural shades black and brown.

6. AOA Waterproof Eye Brow Gel ($1)
If you love defined brows that don’t budge, this brow gel is for you. In my opinion it’s more like a brow pomade, since it’s rather pigmented and you can create a pretty strong brow shape with it. Or, keep it natural by just brushing a bit through the hair. Either way, you need hardly half a pea size amount, so this tube will last you a while! I apply it with an angled brush and it gives me gorgeous and shapely brows that don’t wear off throughout the day. It’s fragrance-free, mineral oil free, alcohol free and cruelty free.

7. AOA Perfect Setting Powder ($1)
This is the product that really legitimized the brand for me, as it’s just as good as my favorite high-end powder from Laura Mercier. It’s got a super fluffy, soft and finely milled texture that smooths over the skin to set your makeup while blurring texture or fine lines. I use the Brightening version which has the most subtle glow effect (no visible shimmer or glitter). It helps my makeup last, is perfect for baking concealer under the eyes, and doesn’t cause flashback in photos. You can read my full in-depth review in this post.

8. AOA Buttercream Gel Liner & Shadow ($1)
A double duty product that’s sure to impress, the Buttercreams took my breath away due to their staying power. They can be used as either an eyeliner or a cream shadow, and let me tell you: these do not budge or fade throughout the day, even while sweating! One day I used the black (Licorice) shade all over the lid without primer for a quick smokey eye, and could not believe how it held up hours later without any smearing or creasing.

9. AOA POW-lighter ($1)
For those of you who like a beaming highlight, the POW-lighter will give you the drama you seek. It’s a fine, loose shimmering highlighter that serves up serious strobe. You only need a small amount on your brush for the full effect. My one complaint is that the plastic grate that acts as a sifter in the jar has pretty large openings, so the powder tends to overfill the top area and can get messy.

10. AOA Plush Faux Mink Brush Set ($10)
Finally, AOA also has some affordable brush sets that work really well for applying and blending makeup! I’ve tried and enjoyed this particular set, which includes both face and eye brushes to complete your whole look. They have suer soft vegan bristles and also come with a vegan leather brush roll for easy storage and travel. While the set is clearly over $2, the price breaks down to $1 per brush. I particular love the Plus Highlighting Brush and the Tapered Blending Brush from this set!

Have you tried anything from ShopMissA or AOA Studio?


  1. Most of the eye shadows I have bought are good. LOVE the Wonder Blenders and the Paw Paw sponges too. Most of the brushes are pretty good. I wasn’t crazy about any of the foundations I have tried at all. They were all orangey and just not good! You really can’t complain too much because most things are only a dollar. Even if they aren’t great, it was worth a try.

    1. Yes, that’s why I didn’t include the foundations– I’ve found formulas that I thought were decent but all of the shades were always a bit off.

  2. I love their colorswitch thing! For a buck it works (I’m assuming) just as good as the more expensive ones from other brands. I’ve been using the same one for a couple of years now (washing it occasionally, obviously) and it’s stil working perfect!

    1. Ah yes! I’ll usually include that in an order for sure– but I’ll admit I typically buy them at the Dollar Tree because they’re bigger there!

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