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Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Color Review

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March 13, 2019

During the dry winter season, my nails seriously suffered. They were cracking, peeling and breaking so easily and nearly every day. I’ll admit— I’m hard on my nails, which doesn’t help. I’m always typing at my keyboard, I do the dishes without gloves on, and I use my hands a lot in my workouts. I’ve been needing to keep polish applied to help add a bit of thickness and fortify my nails.

So, I was really excited about the new Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Color formula, which was made to harden and protect nails, reducing breakage. It’s formulated with Platinum powder and I’m absolutely loving the flexible brush which makes it easy to cover the nail in as little as 2 strokes without getting messy.

I have six of the current 30 shades available, let’s take a closer look!

Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Color in She-Ro

She-Ro is a beautiful dusty mauve shade. It’s super creamy and you get full coverage in one coat!

Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Color in Rise Up

Rise Up is a rosy pink with a metallic finish.

Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Color in Slay All Day

Slay All Day is a very warm pink with fine blue shimmer that creates a cool reflection.

Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Color in Persis-Tint

Persis-Tint is a beautiful metallic shifting shade that’s a mix of lavender and periwinkle. This is a sheerer formula and needs three coats for full coverage.

Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Color in Class Act

Class Act is a hot red that is slightly translucent— this is a three-coater and I can still sort of see the whites of my nails poke through.

Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Color in Wild Card

Wild Card is a gold glitter that’s incredibly easy to apply and only takes two coats for full coverage. But beware, taking this off can be a bit tricky. You know glitter… it likes to end up everywhere.

I’ve been wearing these shades for the past couple weeks and I can absolutely see a difference in my nails. When I take the color off, my nails look and feel stronger and less brittle. Only one is still showing signs of peeling, but that’s literally nine less than before. I was pretty surprised, considering how many casualties I had experienced in the months prior, constantly having to even out my nails down to match what broke.

I do want to acknowledge, though, that this is not a long-wear nail color. I saw signs of tip wear by day two when paired with the brand’s Hardener and Top Coat. By day three, large sections of paint were missing. It’s unfortunate because I love the effect this color formula has on my nails, but having to touch up or completely redo my nails every couple days is cumbersome.

So, it’s a toss up— strong nails, but color that chips easily. I’ll still wear these shades because the formula is doing good things for my nails, but won’t be reaching for them as often as I would have if they had a longer lasting performance.

You can find the Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Color at Ulta Beauty for $5.99.

Which is your favorite shade?

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