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REVIEW & SWATCHES: Jordana Lipsticks – New Shades for 2014

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July 9, 2014

Jordana has one of the most extensive shade ranges for lipstick that I’ve seen from a drugstore line of its price point. This year, they released 11 new shades in their regular lipstick line, seven of which I have to share with you today.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Jordana Lipsticks - New Shades for 2014

The brand has two lines of lipstick: regular in the silver tubes, and mattes in the gold tubes. I have a handful of both versions (let me know in the comments if you’d like a review/swatches of the mattes), but there isn’t a dramatic difference in the finishes between the two, at least from what I can see in the shades I have. Both have a very soft sheen, but these regular lipsticks feel more creamy and don’t accentuate dry patches as easily as the mattes do.

On to swatches, yo!

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Jordana Lipsticks - New Shades for 2014: Natural Touch
Natural Touch is a great every-day shade. It’s a dusty rose-mauve that’s great to pair with a bolder eye.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Jordana Lipsticks - New Shades for 2014: Apricot Glaze

Apricot Glaze is more of a coral shade in my opinion; a really good balance between orange and pink.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Jordana Lipsticks - New Shades for 2014: Coral Flame

Coral Flame leans much more pink than what I imagine to be coral, but it’s still a beautiful bright pink for summer!

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Jordana Lipsticks - New Shades for 2014: Vivid Rose

Vivid Rose is a slightly yellow-based medium pink.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Jordana Lipsticks - New Shades for 2014: Hip Rose

Hip Rose is a blue-based magenta.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Jordana Lipsticks - New Shades for 2014: Red Volt

Red Volt is a hot, warm red. This was definitely the glossiest out of these shades, and I would suggest laying down some lip liner to prevent feathering.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Jordana Lipsticks - New Shades for 2014: Creamy Berries

Creamy Berries is a cool, purple toned berry shade. Bright enough for summer, but I’ll definitely be wearing this well into fall.

Application of the Jordana lipsticks is smooth with a creamy texture. You get full coverage color with just one swipe. One thing you’ll notice that I don’t particularly like is the scent. It has a waxy, fruity scent that is pretty strong in the tube, but luckily doesn’t linger on the lips. It just makes application a bit unpleasant for me, and those who are sensitive to scents may feel the same.

I got about four and a half hours of wear without eating before the lipstick looked noticeably faded around the inside of my lips. That’s also around the same time my lips start to feel dry– but not desperately. After two hours, most of the sheen is gone, so these dry down to be nearly matte… which is why I mentioned that there’s not a huge difference between these and the matte lipsticks.

These are definitely worth the $1.50 investment, in my book.  They’re comfy, pigmented… and less than two bucks, I mean can you really go wrong? A cheap thrill for a colorful lip! Check out the rest of the shades on Jordana’s website.


43 Responses

  1. sarika sharma
    | Reply

    Yes I would love a review of the matte shades please (gold tube). I find the modern mats reviewed everywhere, not so much of the silver and gold tubes which are a dupe for milani!

    • I’ll try to round them up! Jordana and Milani are owned by the same people and often their formulas are very similar if not exactly the same 🙂

  2. Icequeen81
    | Reply

    I am trying to find a dupe of cream berries in matte Plum passion seem to be the best option, but cant find it, is cream berries very shiny?

    • They are very similar shades! Plum Passion is actually a *little* bit more pinky but not by much. Cream Berries isn’t very shiny, but it’s definitely more creamy than Plum passion. I would say it’s a good dupe!

      • Icequeen81
        | Reply

        Is cream berry more one the purple side? cause that is wat I am looking for. I wonder wich one stays longer

        • Yeah Creamy Berries is more purpley. I would say the lasting time might be around the same, but Creamy Berries will be more comfortable for you to wear for a longer period of time since it starts out more creamy, while Plum Passion is dry right off the bat.

          • Icequeen81
            | Reply

            Thank you you made my job more easy I found the creamy berry but cant find the plum passion 🙂

            • Icequeen81
              | Reply

              Hi Miranda, I tried both plum obsession and creamy berries, I have to say you was right creamy is more on the purple side but the I wasn’t quite happy with the finish on me, and I have also pigmented lips, Obsessional at the other side , was indeed more pink and has a great matte finish. I choose plum obsession instead.

  3. Betzy Carmona
    | Reply

    OMG I like all of them ! I’m going to search for them

  4. Citizens of Beauty
    | Reply

    Hip Rose is gorgeous!

  5. Lisa Marie Heath
    | Reply

    Vivid Rose is my favorite!

  6. Ashley P
    | Reply

    So pretty and easy on the pocket book too!

  7. mynewestaddiction
    | Reply

    These shades are so pretty!

  8. All the colours are stunning

  9. Anastasia
    | Reply

    Wow, all of them are so pretty! I don’t have Jordana in stores near me, but I’ll try to order a few of these online.

  10. Nidia Doherty
    | Reply

    I love Jordana. Great value. I’ll be honest – a lot of the pinks look very similar to me! Maybe it’s my monitor? I even like the nude in this collex, which is rare for me.

  11. $53114368
    | Reply

    All of these look awesome!!

  12. Mai
    | Reply

    Apricot Glaze is my favorite of the set but I don’t think I’ll like the scent of the lipsticks!

  13. Beyond Beauty Lounge
    | Reply

    These are nice, I’ll probably get Natural Touch.

  14. Norah Salazar
    | Reply

    I didnt know Jordana made lipsticks!??!

  15. Justina
    | Reply

    Creamy Berries is amaze!

  16. Sheila Arkee
    | Reply

    I want Hip Rose in my life! Since they’re sister companies, how would you say these compare to Milani Color Statement lipsticks?

    • Hmm I feel like Milani’s have a lot more shine. Red Volt is probably the shade most similar to the CS lipsticks.

  17. beautybymissl
    | Reply

    These are all very pretty shades!

  18. Brittany
    | Reply

    Who knew Jordana had such nice lipsticks? I think the last one is my fave….

  19. Destany
    | Reply

    Such pretty colors 🙂

  20. Kira McGrigg
    | Reply

    I’m really loving the look of these.. on a no buy at the moment, but I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out once I’m off it..

  21. Phyrra
    | Reply

    I love Apricot glaze and Coral Flame

  22. Cosmetics Aficionado
    | Reply

    Natural Touch is calling to me!

  23. jamie @makeuplifelove
    | Reply

    Vivid Rose and Creamy Berries are looking like I need them NOW. And for under $2 ummmmm YES please. Amazing find girl. Beautiful swatches too 🙂

  24. Brooke @ Blushing Noir
    | Reply

    I love Apricot Glaze and Red Volt!

  25. Jessica W
    | Reply

    Wow, these seem really great for the price point. Natural Touch is probably my favorite out of these! 🙂

  26. Pink Sith
    | Reply

    Only $1.50? well I guess any criticism I have is not really worth it at that low price! I like the last color, Creamy Berries, the most. It looks great on you!

  27. Those colors are look great on you!

  28. Noelle
    | Reply

    WOW! All of them look stunning on you, Miranda!

  29. Krystal
    | Reply

    I’ve always been interested in Jordana Lipsticks, even though the packaging is really I have always bee curious about the actual product. Thanks for the swatches!

    Krystal | Little Beauty Bug <3

    • Yes, you’re definitely not paying for any fancy packaging here, but I don’t mind if the product delivers 🙂

  30. BeautyJudy
    | Reply

    How cheap! I need to check these out. Great review! They all look soft on your lips. Very pretty. I especially want Red Volt, Creamy berries and Apricot Glaze!

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