REVIEW: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

There has been a lot of buzz around new drugstore foundations this Spring. As the weather warms up, I need something that will keep my skin matte and my makeup in place.

REVIEW: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

The Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation popped up overseas last year, and won over UK bloggers. Having finally arrived in the US at the top of 2014, it was only a matter of time before it became a drugstore darling.

I have combo skin— an oily t-zone with drier patches around my chin and nose. When I choose a foundation, I want something that will balance my skin while offering good coverage.

REVIEW: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

The Stay Matte Liquid Mousse has a medium consistency whipped texture that blends into the skin easily. I’m used to very liquidy foundations, so at first the formula felt a bit thick on my skin. You barely need a quarter size to cover your entire face. If you build up too much, it could make your skin look cakey. Working with thin layers will help to avoid that.

My favorite part about the foundation is that it sets with a satin-matte finish while still giving it a natural glow. You’ll get almost full coverage and an even skin tone with a small amount of product. The staying power is pretty impressive, too! The finish, coverage, and oil control lasts for about 8 hours. I feel a smidge dewy at the end of the day, but far less than my bare skin and other foundations. However, if I have a particularly dry spot, it does become more noticeable topped off with Stay Matte. Makeup applies and sets well on top of this foundation.

REVIEW: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

As you may have heard from other bloggers, the biggest downfall of the Stay Matte foundations is the color selection, or lack thereof. With only 8 shades currently in the line, they all lean rather pink and orange. Shade 203 True Beige is the closest to my neutral skin tone (which leans yellow) and it’s still a cent dark on me. If I blend it into my neck, it looks a little better, but I wish there was a more perfect match and can imagine this will be the biggest problem with most shoppers.

For about $5-7, the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation is a great option for skin that leans more oily than not. It may take you a couple tries to get the right shade, but remember: you can return makeup at most drugstores. The coverage and staying power outperforms other foundations at the same price point, and will feel great on your skin. I would definitely recommend this product as we move into the heart of Spring and through Summer, when most of us will need shine control!

When’s the last time you tried a new drugstore foundation?

I received this product for free in my Influenster Uni Vox Box.


  1. It looks great on you. I love the finish of this foundation as well – it’s a realistic matte, not a ‘i’m so matte you would think my skin is linen’.

  2. I really like this foundation. I bought a shade too light for my skin and the next color which was a tad too dark. I combine the two to get the perfect shade for me.

    1. That’s a great idea, Michelle! Hopefully they come out with more shades soon so you don’t have to pay double 🙂

  3. I have so wanted to try this but like you said the color selection stops me. I hope they decide to come out with more colors!

  4. Because of the limited shade collection, I’m passing but good review! I like the before/after photo. I see what you mean that it’s a bit dark on you.

  5. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers try this for the MOD Rimmel post, and the reviews seem good across the board. I have oily skin, so this seems like a no-brainer – if they have my shade, I’m going to try it!

    1. Yes, I was really impressed with the coverage since I have some pesky breakouts right now.

  6. I LOVE this foundation but I’m also super fair. The problem with this kind of texture is that it is really hard to mix with other types of foundations for a custom color.

  7. This is a GREAT foundation! I used it for the Rimmel post, and I fell in love. It’s a good dupe for Hourglass Immaculate foundation, which retails for a whopping $55!

  8. Looks good on you. Sad thing about Rimmel is that they don’t have shades for us brown girls and it sucks.

  9. I really wish there were more shades. I feel mine is just slightly too dark but the next is too light. It’s a pretty good foundation, though!

  10. That stuff would be completely wrong for my dried out old hag skin. LOL It does look good in your photograph.

    Miranda, I saw your comment on Tina’s blog that you want to try henna. You don’t “try” henna. You commit. Henna (pure, body art quality, which is the only henna anyone should ever use on their hair) is a plant stain, the resins in the stain bond to the keratin in your hair giving you beautiful red but that red is permanent. I am talking no force or chemical on heaven or Earth will remove it from your hair. Your hair will be destroyed before you get all of the henna out. (Ask me how I know this. :D) Henna is fabulous stuff, it gives gorgeous colour (everyone’s is different, depending on their starting base) it is safe to use over dye, it strengthens and conditions and gives insane shine. When I was a henna head, my hair looked like a Pantene commercial. I kid you not. But, again, you don’t date henna, you marry it.

    If you are interested in it, I suggest doing your research, read the experiences of others who use BAQ henna to dye their hair. If you have questions, concerns, don’t hesitate to ask me, I was a henna head for a couple of years (I ended up letting it go because I am just not a redhead at heart) and I can help. Okay, this is a book in your comments. I don’t want to scare you away from henna, I just wanted to give you a little info and offer help, answers to questions. Hell, I can tell you how to do your thing, start to finish. Oh! If you are still interested, before you commit it to your head, buy sample sized packets of henna powder, do strand tests. Trust me, You WANT to strand test this stuff before you slop it on all over! 😀

    Okay, shutting up.

  11. I have heard so many awesome things about this foundation, if I used foundation I would certainly give this one a try. I think it’s been years since I even used anything from Rimmel – I need to scope them out more. I am disappointed that Rimmel is still one of those companies that offer a small selection of shades… it’s been that way for a while and I remember when the stay matte foundation first came out years ago – I could never try it because the darkest shade was still 4 or 5 shades too light for me.

  12. I liked it enough until it broke me out, although I agree with the lack of shades nothing really matched me I was either looking like Casper or Snooki.

  13. The old Stay Matte Foundation is actually the very first foundation that I really liked for my oily skin. I’ll have to give this a try again.

  14. Great review! Yeah, I kinda hate that these run a bit dark, even the palest shade oxidizes, but it looks so nice on you!

    1. If I keep my application thin, I can pull it off but I think this will get more use out of me once I get a bit more tan 🙂 30 min in the sun should just about do it!

    1. I agree. I’ll go as far as to saying this covers as well as the tarte Amazonian Clay foundation :O

  15. I have read tons of great things on this. I hate that they don’t have it any shades for me. But I will sooooooo buy it and try it should they come out with one.

    1. Even if the shades had a variety of undertones, I think it would better cater to more people’s needs!

    1. Yes, I feel that is the gripe with most drugstore foundations. Although some brands like CoverGirl are doing their best to really expand and be able to cater to everyone.

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