Review: e.l.f. Skin Care

The long-awaited and much anticipated e.l.f. skin care line launched a couple weeks ago, and it was revealed that out of the twelve product concepts, customers requested moisture-focused products the most. The Daily Hydration Moisturizer, Soothing Serum, Illuminating Eye Cream, and Nourishing Night Cream were the four picks released as the first in the line. The skin care products’ prices are a little higher than the dollar bargains that e.l.f. is most well known for, but from my experience with them thus far, the price is justified.

Review: e.l.f. Skin Care | Slashed Beauty

The brand was very thoughtful with the packaging, which not only looks and feels high-end in the sleek, aqua blue containers, but is also designed to keep the products at their full potential. Each product’s packaging is opaque, which helps preserve the properties of the formulas.

Review: e.l.f. Skin Care | Slashed Beauty

In the morning, I’ve been using the Daily Hydration Moisturizer ($8) which surprisingly keeps my skin smooth while looking healthy underneath my makeup. I don’t find myself feeling too oily throughout the day, but my dryness is kept under control. This is the only product in the line that contains fragrance, although very subtle. I think I was most disappointed in the fact that, as a daytime moisturizer, this does not have any SPF protection in it. I typically like layering my SPF with moisturizer, my primer, and foundation… so this makes me feel like I need to add that extra step of sunscreen to keep my skin sun-safe.

I’ve typically used the Soothing Serum ($12) in my nighttime routine. Since it has Dimethicone in it, it might also work as a face primer… but for my skin it seems too slick for that. It has an extremely thin cream consistency that sinks into the skin rapidly to moisturize deeper layers. It’s refreshing and hydrating, and after a few uses I saw the redness around my nose start to calm down.

Review: e.l.f. Skin Care | Slashed Beauty

Next at night, I use the Illuminating Eye Cream ($10) on my lids and under-eye area. Again, this is a light cream consistency that’s very emollient… some might say it leans oily. However, I already have oily lids and I haven’t found that using this made them any worse. It has helped keep the area around my eyes smooth, and I haven’t had any dry patches or puffiness that I commonly get this season. I like that it has a second lid underneath the tub’s cap to keep the cream as safe as possible.

Review: e.l.f. Skin Care | Slashed Beauty

After the eye cream, I’ll finish off with the Nourishing Night Cream ($12). This has a slightly heavier feel to it than the serum, but still does not feel overbearing. A small amount will offer a ton of moisture that I can still feel once morning hits. With both the night cream and eye cream, it would be best to use a spatula to scoop out product so that you’re not running the risk of contamination… or just make sure your hands are completely clean.

The e.l.f. skin care line is water-based, and features ingredients like Cucumber Extract, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Aloe, and Green Tea Extract to soothe and moisturize. I feel like this is an appropriate line for those with sensitive, normal or dry skin. Out of the four, I would say my favorites are the eye & night creams.

You can purchase the skin care line online separately or as a full set.

Did your pick make the cut for e.l.f.’s first release?


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  1. They nailed the packaging to not look like a low end brand. I’ll need to pick a few things up and test them out

  2. I am definitely interested in sampling the line. I might be grabbing it soon as my hormonal fluctuations are definitely causing minor break outs now. =*(

  3. If it’s water based then that means it’s perfect for oily skin. If someone is dry they don’t have much or any sebum. Sebum is oil. If someone is oily it means they have alot of sebum. All skin types need moisturize. Just different types. To accurately moisturize dry skin the products should be oil based. To accurately moisturize oily skin the products should be water based. Therefore the ELF skincare line is actually better for people with oily, normal, acne prone, or combination skin types.

    1. This skincare line is water based which means its perfect for oily skin. People with oily skin should use water based skincare products. I work around doctors/dermatologists. The only thing that I wouldn’t buy in the product line would be the moisturizer because it doesn’t have SPF in it.

  4. I remember when this line came out, I was in high school. Everything was $1 in the whole line! I am excited to see that they have skincare now.

  5. I am very particular with the skin care I use since my skin is sensitive… but I want to try this. I’ve been a lover of ELF for a few years and I’m always mpressed… I’m sure I will love this and I love the packaging.

  6. The packaging is gorgeous and reminds me of Estee Lauder’s daytime skincare, which comes in the same aqua green. The price point is amazing! Got to lookout for these!

  7. Love the packaging! I’m having difficulty getting the moisturizer out, but other than that I have been loving these!

  8. these look great! And I like the packaging and the price! I going to need to check these out soon. I hope this ends up at Target soon!

  9. The packaging is really lovely for an affordable line. I am so jazzed to see a day moisturizer that is chemical sunscreen free! *happy dance for me* I do wonder if the products could stand up to the demands of my very dry skin. Maybe I should pick up the line and give it a shot.

  10. This packaging is so nice, it’s great to hear that they didn’t skimp on packaging or quality for such an affordable price!

  11. That is so smart for elf to do skincare. And the packaging is gorgeous and definitely hi-end-looking.

  12. If it didn’t have ‘ELF’ written on it, due to the packaging, I would have thought this was from an high end brand. Great review.

    1. right!? they really did a great job with it. They feel just as sturdy as they look, too.

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