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Review & Demo: Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler

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December 22, 2014

I love how my hair looks curled. Especially since I cut it, wearing my hair in curls has been my favorite style to feel glam. My natural hair is curly/wavy, but it’s also frizzy and uneven— some curls are kinkier than others and it mostly just looks poofy. With that said, I’ve always had to actually go through the process of straightening before curling my hair to get it looking polished… so in the end, the entire process takes about an hour. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Luckily, I’ve discovered a tool that is basically my hair savior; you can officially call me obsessed.

Review & Demo: Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler | Slashed Beauty

The Kiss Instawave is an automatic curler that makes curling hair so much easier for me. At the touch of a button, it twirls your hair around the barrel for you, evenly heating the curl for styles that last. It has two heat settings with a max temp of 420, so you can find a setting that works for your hair type. Keeping you hair on the barrel longer will make the curl more defined, while shorter hold times will create beachy waves. The coolest thing is that it works in both directions! This should be a no-brainer, but the Instawave is the first automatic curler I’ve found this feature on.

Watch my video below for my full review and a demo on how the Instawave works:

As you can see, feeding my air-dried and frizzy hair is no problem for the diamond-ceramic Instawave barrel. This cuts down my curling time by more than half for fast and beautiful hairstyles. I very rarely experience tangles with this curler, and my hair actually feels smooth after it’s been styled.

One feature that the Instawave doesn’t have is a beeping timer— I know some people will think this is a good thing because beeping can be annoying, but I actually like timers that let me know when to let the curl go. I’m usually curling my hair while watching YouTube videos, so I’m prone to zoning out and leaving my hair on the barrel too long. However, it does have an automatic shut off, and will power down after 90 minutes of inactivity.

Review & Demo: Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler | Slashed Beauty

The Kiss Instawave is available for $60 in major retailers like Ulta and Target. It’s such an easy way to get curls and I have been using mine weekly. My old clamp curling iron has been collecting dust at the bottom of my drawer, and I’m pretty much ready to toss it.

Have you tried an automatic curler that you’ve liked?


18 Responses

  1. Betzy Carmona
    | Reply

    I saw your vidoe the other night, and omg you are so fun to watch

  2. Eugenia
    | Reply

    your hair always looks great!!

  3. loveforlacquer
    | Reply

    GORGEOUS!!! Your hair is incredible!

  4. FabZilla_Kath
    | Reply

    Gorgeous smile, gorgeous hair!

  5. Nidia Doherty
    | Reply

    Very glam look! I love how it gives me more even curls, too

  6. Phyrra
    | Reply

    Thanks for the great video!

  7. Anastasia
    | Reply

    Your hair looks amazing! I’ve been using this curler lately lately and loving it, too. Even took it to the trip with me this weekend, despite having to pack light.

  8. Sheila Arkee
    | Reply

    Your hair looks great! I have had people asking me where to buy such a device, now I’ll know what to recommend. 🙂

  9. PrimeBeauty
    | Reply

    This is much cheaper than other wavers too, I need to check this out!

  10. Kimberly Purcell
    | Reply

    Man, I hope I get Christmas money because I would LOVE to get this!!!

  11. jamie lynn prata
    | Reply

    Want!! Your hair looks absolutely beautiful. Mine is nowhere near as thick but I might check this one out after the holidays. My hair NEVER holds a curl – the first side will pretty much have fallen completely flat by the time I’m done curling the other side. As much as I love the way my hair looks curled, it’s just too much of a hassle. I would definitely like to check this thing out to see if it would make any difference. It’s so much more affordable than any other automatic curler than I’ve ever seen on the market. Thanks for the review and demo! 🙂

    • Miranda | SlashedBeauty.com
      | Reply

      This may make a difference, plus a little texturizing spray which I’ve recommended to other friends who say their hair has a hard time holding curls! It’s such a great all-in-one tool to smooth and style.

      • Katie
        | Reply

        What kind of texturizing spray? Because that’s my problem, too. I got this curler and it’s fun! But some more help for my hair would be appreciated…

  12. Allison @neversaydiebeauty
    | Reply

    Stunning waves!

  13. Brooke @ Blushing Noir
    | Reply

    Your hair looks fantastic!

  14. Kim Porter
    | Reply

    Ooh your hair looks really nice with the curls. Like vavavoom!

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